UKC: Bung Job Coming Home

Remember the bungs scandal which hit English football during the 1990’s?
World Cup fever has brought a return of the bung for Matt Handycock, our new Health Minister, as a think-tank for privatising the health sector hands over £32K…. well, campaign contribution or similar will be the official description, but NHS privatisation here we come….

Pre show chat box…

Being dead is a ‘breach of contract,’ PayPal tells grieving husband
Charlie Rowley, is no longer in a critical condition

Show time…

Trump to NATO… pay up!

Stoltenborg like small boy in the headmaster’s office. Trump speaks common sense.
Saving NATO from Trump!

The Western Balkans have their insiders too. Don’t do it Balkans. Stop them!

German Navy problem refuelling at sea…

US submarine shortage

There’s Nothing the U.S. Navy Can Do to Avoid a Submarine Gap

Free trade is a lie…

Anniversary of liberation of Mosul

Novichok 2 the sequel…
“… evidence and facts…”

Novichok boosts trade with free parking in Salisbury… according to Baroness Jane Scott

Novichok Vodka:

John Cleese
Trust in media?

Sheffield tree felling… tree replacement? City Council implements its own powers as to who comes and goes around tree replacement works. city council&ref=eyJzaWQiOiIwLjY1NTM0MTU5NTY5MzE2OTYiLCJxcyI6IkpUVkNKVEl5YzJobFptWnBaV3

AMEY is now the law!
Sheffield Tree Action Groups

Matt Handycock gets paid…

Public Finance & Accountancy
Common Purpose Sarah Howard… a change agent

Melanie Shaw

Robert Green letter re child abuse

Dear Baroness Jay…. may I suggest you engage whistle blowers?

Write to Melanie…
Melanie Shaw
hmp Styal
Cheshire SK9 4HR

Melanie Shaw Postcard

South Yorkshire Police ignore massive amounts of child abuse evidence… video and audio swept under the carpet

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – All hell breaks loose: Europe worries as Trump heads to NATO summit
Stoltenberg: a rabbit in the headlights
German Navy sunk by breakdowns & EU migrant monitoring
US Navy: holes in US submarine fleet
08:07 – yesterday UKC reports BBC ‘business’ article promoting tarot & witchcraft
UKC viewer alerts us to the Economist front page from 2017…
09:17 – Iraq: first anniversary of Mosul liberation
During ten month liberation, 16,000 civilian deaths…no criticism from MSM
10:39 – Novichok 2.0 the sequel: in a sealed box, Novichok could last 50 years…
Novichok boosts trade with free parking…nerve agent…? No problem
Have carparks been checked for nerve agents…? Story just doesn’t stack up
15:14 – John Cleese to leave the country due to distrust of the MainStream Media
Trust in Media survey: UK last on the list…
19:01 – why do we need truth from Media…? Papers please…
Excellent article by Professor of Philosophy at University of Sheffield
Sheffield City Council: ID required to enter your home
Sheffield City Council can serve court papers on ‘persons unknown’
Thousands of mature trees to be cut down to enable 5G system
25:02 – Cabinet reshuffle: new Health Secretary is Matt Hancock
Hancock accepted £32,000 from boss of think tank who wants to scrap NHS
The political game: left or right makes no difference…agenda is to privatise NHS
29:43 – CIPFA: annual conference 2018 – new president Sarah Howard
Sarah Howard: another Common Purpose graduate and ‘change agent’
Common Purpose: acting way beyond their authority…
34:05 – Melanie Shaw: charges are from Feb 2017…why is trial taking place now…?
Report from Melanie Shaw court hearing
Robert Green letter to ‘independent’ child abuse inquiry
41:18 – Telegraph: 10,000 children in care went missing last year…
Ex-Met officer John Wedger vindicated: children are going missing in many areas
Rotherham Advertiser: IOPC to see if Police senior command failed to protect children
Yorkshire Police are currently refusing to act on video evidence of child abuse

Last show: UKC: Esoteric Trump

UKC: Esoteric Trump


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