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Oh Donald Trump. You have revitalised the political stage. The Trump visit protests were laughable; I’m glad they were out there to illustrate what we do not want. I have never observed so much utter bias and slanted rhetoric toward a US President from the likes of BBC presstitutes John Soapytail or Dustbin Plebb or any number of twits and twerps from BBC Question Time to Any Questions. They are doing a BNP Nick Griffin; showing themselves as they are: an unattractive proposition. The Brexit white paper? As UKC said the day after the Brexit vote: Brexit without the exit.



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Off Guardian rips Dumbleby a new one

Hi all. Latest episode of Myth of the 20th Century. My good friend Adam and co

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That inflatable was pathetic. It was an insignificant dot, like Owen Jones opinions
Trump talks to The Sun.

F35’s to Turkey?

Where’s The White Paper?

Mike: not a shambles.
Brian: It was orchestrated deceit… from the Pearle Office

Movement of people will continue.
UK tied into €U defence… UK is largest contributor to €U defence fund?



Tommy Robinson

Middle East Forum

Concerns and fears about immigration

Russia weaponises immigration?
Immigration is a political weapon to undermine society

immigration graphic

Plus add Prevent
Digital Amnesia

Lin Homer

Policy hidden in plain sight: Peter Sutherland quote
Kalegi plan
British Council sponsors Common Purpose
Cameron Big Society

Immigration down the ages

Tommy Robinson? Israeli Zionist policy?

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Last show: UKC: Talk About Trump & GcMAF

UKC: Talk About Trump & GcMAF


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