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At time of posting there is no UKC YouTube video… edit: YouTube posted…..original text: It may be Mike Robinson has been abducted by Russians and his technical equipment infected with Novichuckle. The BBC’s knickers are in yet another twist about the Salisbury poisoning and have endless security experts on air to advise us upon the on-going Novichuckle adventure. Still, we must try to derail the Trump-Putin summit 16 July; must we not? Also, Brexit will destroy and devastate UK business…. the BBC: Bloody useless.
The UKC website link is this:

Yep, we return to Harry Pottesque stories in and around Salisbury… ‘Major incident’ declared after two collapse in Wiltshire:
Oh yes, let’s hit at Russia again.

Remain had every establishment hack on their side from the Bank of International Settlements down, yet Brexit gets challenged on ethical practice…
Vote Leave broke electoral law, Electoral Commission expected to say

Pre show chat box…
Fear Porn, Fear Porn, Get your Fear Porn…
Plea for extra wet wipes goes out as Police investigate unknown substance exposure near Salisbury

Show time…
FYI the chat box comments can sometimes be random and out of synch with the live show commentary, but generally on topic and providing a sense of live show experience… ultimately, I recommend you watch the show posted below… thanks to those in the chat box who contribute to the show and post useful links, especially ‘workhouse’.

Sorry folks – technical problem … we’ll be a few minutes.
The Russians !!!!!!

About 18 mins later Mike had the show up and running… Novichock II !!
Saturday 30 June incident. Today, Wednesday it is reported on.
Heroin, crack cocaine of Novichuckle?
No Muggleton Rd on Google!

Muggles. JK Rowling… streets that do not exist. Muggleton Road…

Vote Leave are very naughty boys.
To Leave or not to Leave…

Our membership of the EU is null and void by its own rules.

Blackmail and bullying over defence spending

The Fishing Industry


Do not look on the internet! The BBC can comment on a trial, but not the public.
Tommy Robinson referenced as part of change policy.

Common Purpose: Govt control on press and media.

Discovery Channel push…
Child immigration to demonise Donald Trump…

BBC promote death in school… for better informed decisions.

No child left behind. Mind control.

Sheffield battle to save trees

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Novichok 2.0: ‘unknown substance’ leaves pair critically ill in hospital
Major incident declared four days after the event…
Scene of incident: Amesbury, Wiltshire…even closer to Porton Down than Skripal
05:30 – Vote Leave: website hasn’t changed since 2016 EU referendum
Electoral Commission investigation into Vote Leave donation made to another group
Investigation being used as an excuse to make the EU referendum null and void
Book recommendation: The EU: A Corporatist Racket by David Barnby
09:20 – Plymouth MP claims ‘blackmail and bullying’ over defence spending
Johnny Mercer: ‘Frankly, at times I have been embarrassed…’
Mercer is ill informed, lacking common sense ideas
13:04 – DEFRA – a blueprint for a sustainable and profitable fishing industry
EU policy has destroyed Britain’s fishing industry: Brexit without the exit
17:18 – BBC’s orchestrated Leveson policy 24 June 2018
‘Law needs updating to cope with the growth in social media’
Leveson to hear Tommy Robinson’s appeal on 10 July 2018…?
If true, Lord Leveson’s official position as head of criminal law is untenable
Leveson: ‘independent’ judge, political press censor appointee and Common Purpose
YouTube: dangerous extremism undermining free speech
28:02 – Trump propaganda being ramped up to the extreme…but Obama was worse
Children in US courts propaganda – who is Now This…?
Now This is owned by Discovery Channel…it is not independent
Focussing on Trump completely avoids dealing with the problem
32:11 – BBC: putting death on the school timetable
The Times Alice Thomson: we need to talk about assisted dying
Who is creating these dark, sick policies…?
35:27 – Sheffield tree felling: secret £2.2 billion contract – 20,000 trees to be felled
DevonLive: outcry as towering trees cut down across Exeter
Legitimate safety work or preparation for 5G…?
Suddenly everyone is talking tree management…


Last show: The Pearle Office Mandates…

UKC: The Pearle Office Mandates…


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