How to defeat the corporate fascists. Hanging baskets.

Ian Crane explains the state of play as regards the Cuadrilla injunction at Preston New Rd.  The ‘Reclaim The Power’ campaign seems to have played into the frackers’ hands.  You wonder who’s behind ‘Reclaim The Power’.  They aren’t agents provocateurs are they?

The CUADRILLA INJUNCTION hearing produced the prima facie EVIDENCE that the Country is in the grip of a CORPORATIST TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP … where COMMERCE has absolute precedence over the HEALTH & WELL-BEING of the general population! 🙁

The entire North of England is under threat from the unconventional gas industry.   The government has to be challenged.  The Cuadrilla legal team at the hearing were extremely uncomfortable.  They don’t want people to know how many will die and become sick from their work – in advance.  Only later will they express shock and sorrow when they know damn well now they are intending to kill people through the release of deadly toxins.  Ian was able to get some of the evidence into court of the people lost in the USA and Australia as as a result of the unconventional gas industry.  He invoked Article 6 of the Human Rights Act, the right to a fair hearing.

He was permitted only an hour to present this evidence, but due to an earlier ruling in a former case, the system of legal precedent meant that Judge Pelling was unable to take into account the hard evidence from around the world that people will die if fracking goes ahead – or so he claimed.  In fact he could have found differently and should have.  He  issued an injunction based solely on hearsay evidence from social media, that physical intimidation of contractors and so on might be intended.  How many people sit at keyboards and utter threats they have no intention of acting on?   Online threats should never inform judge’s decisions about real world situations.  There should be evidence of  intent, capability to carry out threats, and acting upon them, or the whole world will grind to a halt.  The hearsay in any case was probably from an artificially created entity, put online solely for the purpose of helping injunctions to be raised against sound protesters.

By blocking legal and reasonable protest, the chances of releasing a more violent response to fracking is now not inconsiderable.  Judge Pelling could well be the agent of much in the way of the killing of innocent people.  He should have found a way to state that the precendent which he chose to govern his decision, should not apply in the case before him, as the circumstances were indeed very different.  I trust Ian Crane is looking at how Pelling’s decision was an incorrect interpretation of the how the former case should be applied, and demonstrate on appeal that the circumstances at PNR are totally different.

Pelling missed a great opportunity to stop the social condition of Britain from deteriorating.  He will not be the one to pay for his folly, of course.  Many thousands or indeed hundreds of thousands of innocent people will pay the price of Pelling’s folly.

The corporations are not interested in anything other than greed – not the environment, not the ecology, not the health and future of humanity and all other species, just money.  The owners of the corporations don’t live in the zones they select to be sacrificed, of course.   They imagine themselves indestructible defended behind mounds of gold bullion, barricaded up in the City Of London.  They will find eventually that karma and ecology don’t work like that.  Maybe their own children will be some of the ones that die from the toxicity, or they will suicide from the grotesqueness of their parents’ attitudes.  Maybe they don’t even care about their own children.  It’s possible.  Satanists love only Satan.

5G and tree felling is another of their games, where they intend to bring out a technology that will make millions of people sick.  Even hanging baskets are a problem for 5G, a recent report admits.  Not only trees stop the dangerous microwave wavelengths.  5G can be disabled by a flower pot and a watering can.  Hang out you baskets, folks – lots and lots of them.  Grow ivy up your walls and over your doorways.  On your fences.  Turn on your sprayers.  Disconnect your gutters and drip water down your plant-covered walls.

Nature wants to fight back.

We are nature.

We will never surrender.

Judges and their false interpretation of precedent can’t stop a couple of drips of water from ruining the plans of the corporations to control humanity’s every thought and movement.  Householders can’t be prevented from putting plant trellises on their walls and dripping water off their rooves.  Go to it!


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