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The gift that keeps on giving: President Donald Trump. The UK government are blaming Putin for Novichuckle and Trump invites him to Washington. Hilarious.

Anti-NeoCon Ryan Dawson gives always engaging analysis:

Trump Putin Meeting

Syria is going to be Syrian again. Trump does what Israel tells him…
Israel wants Iran out of Syria….
“It’s the Israelis who interfere in our elections, spy on us, steal out technology, bribe our politicians, paedophile, homosexual, honey trap blackmail…”

Pro-Zion-Israeli Your Voice America have been spot on about Trump. They are apparently clueless on Syria, Iran and international geo-politics, but on the mind set of Trump, excellent… plus host Bill Mitchell is so irritatingly / enjoyably upbeat, positive, optimistic:
From here:

YourVoice™ America (7/19) “RNC Fundraising Explodes!”


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