The land of the free no more

Two hundred and forty-two years ago today, the United States declared its independence. It’s known as “the land of the free.”

I truly believed this until I met Cashy Hyde.

As you may remember from Season 2 of The Sacred Plant docuseries, Cashy was diagnosed with brain cancer at 22 months.

He was put on chemo and a cocktail of pain medications that were robbing him of his quality of life and were quickly taking his life.

His loving parents did some research and discovered that medical cannabis could help him.

The problem…they lived in Utah, which is an illegal state, and even if they didn’t, hospitals don’t treat with the sacred plant because it is federally illegal.

Mike and Kalli Hyde took matters into their own hands and treated Cashy with cannabis anyway and he not only survived…he thrived.

In fact, he beat cancer and went back to living a normal life as a 2 year old.

Unfortunately his story didn’t end there. They moved back to Montana, but the law giving him safe access was repealed. Thelocal Sheriff found out about his home grow and cut down hisplants. Once Cashy lost the access, his cancer returned.

If you watched Episode 4, you know the end of this heart wrenching story. The bottom line is that no child, no parent, no person should have to suffer because of the greed and corruption of Big Pharma,the Government, or anyone or anything else.

We live in a Democratic Country, but we aren’t free to choose our own medicine? How is this possible?

Now that you are educated and empowered on this fact and on thehealing powers of the sacred plantwe need your help.

We’ve set up a special page where you can contribute to continue this mission to gain back the power to choose our medicine. To spread the awareness that there are natural, plant based healing methods that don’t have any harmful side effects.

This is completely separate from the unlimited package. Now you can pledge as low as $2 and as much as $2,500. Every dollar counts and 100% of your contributions go directly into themovement and mission.

We need to change the laws. We need to change the public’s perception of this plant. We need to educate and empower people to take a stand for their rights and the rights of future generations.

Take a stand, get involved and let your voice be heard 

We’re in this together,

John Malanca

P.S. Your support also helps multiple charities on the front lines helping this movement.

One of them is the Cash Hyde Foundation.

Their mission is to raise pediatric cancer awareness, assist families fighting cancer and to fight cancer with smiles.

Let’s Save Lives and End Suffering


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