The 50th anniversary of Thomas Merton’s death is coming up this year December.

1968 was the year the US went “all in” in the Vietnam War.

16,597 American servicemen were killed that year. This was 50% more than any other year of the war.

Things were particularly bloody at home too.

Specifically, the country’s top three anti-war leaders, each of whom represented a major demographic segment of the country, were murdered:

1. Martin Luther King – the African-American leader of the Civil Rights Movement
2. Robert F. Kennedy – the most likely presidential candidate for the Democrats in ’68
3. Thomas Merton – the most popular priest at the time in the Catholic Church

Thomas Merton?

Many people think that Thomas Merton was electrocuted by a faulty ceiling fan in the bedroom of a retreat center he was staying at in Thailand.

Many people believe in the Easter Bunny too.

Currently, there is NOTHING on YouTube that explains the following five points in a single video:

1. Who Thomas Merton was
2. What he said about the war (and other issues of justice)
3. How respected and influential he was
4. How despised he was by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church
and others who were pro-war in 1968
5. The utter preposterousness of the official “story” of how he died

The 50th anniversary of Merton’s death is coming up this year December.

We at Brasscheck would like to shed some serious rain on the parade of the professional propagandists who are going to commemorate this date with a watered down rehash of the original bogus story.

We note that the “other team” is already getting revved up for the date. A few years ago an Irish “religious writer” of note was hired to float the idea that Merton committed suicide.

This story is even more ludicrous than the one about him getting electrocuted by a ceiling fan.

We’d like to put together a video that explains who Merton was and points out the obvious: he was murdered.

Who murdered him is not known, but why he was murdered certainly is.

He opposed a war that the powers-that-be wanted to continue and escalate and he was high profile and respected enough that his opinions had the potential to cause real trouble for the war mongers.

The murder of authentic American leaders – something I believe is ongoing today – is a fact of American history and present day reality.

There should be at least one video on the Internet that tells this story.

We’re looking for Brasscheck subscribers who want to financially support this effort.

The budget is a modest $2,000 for a video of approximately 10 minutes.

If you’re interested in supporting the putting of this important story into the public record, please click here:



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