Selene update

media requesting updates.

we sent this to radioshropshirenews today

Selene’s passport is on its way we have been assured by Mr Norrey of Liverpool Passport office.

We arrived here in Manila in the middle of Hurricane Henry on Tuesday the 17th July. That’s been followed by Hurricane Inday, which is blowing right now and there’s another one on its way after Inday, forecasts are saying. The noise of the wind and the rain is incredible especially as the rooves here are mostly metal.

If and when the passport arrives, we won’t notice the weather. It will be celebrations for the whole family. Filipinos always dance and sing, so the noise level can only increase.

Being with Selene again makes us feel very peaceful once more after many weeks of stress. Hopefully we will all be travelling back to the UK in a few weeks time. She sleeps well and cries rarely.

Henry and Shane Curteis


They blanked the video below so here it is again….


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