Selene Update. Why do new-born babies need passports?

It seems likely HM Passport Office will be issuing us a Passport for Selene within a week or two, from their current statements which seem more likely to be true than their former statements.

We were offered national/worldwide media coverage which, on the advice of my own company’s media/marketing department, we refused.  Our own people said to us that we are getting what we want so why carry on the fight.  Good point.  It’s stressful being interviewed on TV and Radio every day.  And we need to get back to our normal lives once this fight is over.   If we need more ammo, however it’s available.

If we don’t get what we are being promised from HMPO, national and worldwide coverage is just a phone call away.

As for the future of babies born overseas to British parents, there should no requirement to undergo any bureaucratic (abusive) process to bring the baby home.  A DNA test proving the child is yours, if there is any reason for doubt, and the baby is up to aged one year,  and a baby should be able to travel with its mother anywhere.  A passport and the full bureaucratic process should be required only after one year of age.

There should be no requirement for a passport in any case for a new born.  Anything less is an abuse of human rights.

The baby could prove its Britishness without a DNA test if the mother can prove she was pregnant.  That could be from medical records, hospital certification, to be shown at passport control.  Not exactly difficult.  The baby of a British citizen is British.

It is embarrassing for most people in Britain that their Sovereign The Queen is involved in the direct abuse of the human rights of her subjects.  I would advise her to make this change very quickly indeed, to indicate that she actually cares about her people.  I am invited to attend her son The Prince Of Wales’ 70th birthday celebrations in November.  This matter should maybe be dealt with by him before that time, as critical to the Royal family’s future status in the estimation of the people.  In fact, it’s an acid test.

Are we allowed to have babies and not be immediately molested by bureaucracy, or is abuse of families going to be an ongoing feature of being British during the coming Carolean Age?

If we are being forced into abusing families by EU Rules, as is no doubt the case with Passports, then here is another very good reason to expedite a proper Brexit ASAP.  MPs seem powerless to do anything these days, despite them wanting to help in many cases.

Prince Charles wants to declare a new age under his leadership when he becomes the future King.   He supports entrepreneurship, manufacturing, conservation, quality in architecture, organic food and many other great causes  Let’s please not forget about families, as, in the end, that is all we are.  Everything he desires ultimately depends on the protection of family life from bureaucratic and corporate attack, and the creation of a positive social human environment.   Family life should be another central feature of his programme, reducing the political power of bureaucracy, media and corporation.

They blanked the video below so here it is again….


6 Responses to “Selene Update. Why do new-born babies need passports?”

  1. NPP says:

    Good luck Selene. Hope this matter is resolved.

    King Charles is a blasted Co2 carbon cultist among other questionable things… he does not represent me in any way shape or form thank you.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Thanks Ned. We live in a Satanocracy, which has to pretend to be a democracy, for the sake of saving face. No one is fooled, yet by pretending that we are fooled, we actually can demand things that appear reasonable to non-Satanists. If we attack them for what they truly are to their faces, they will respond in kind, and close down the channel. I suggest a search on this blog for ‘The Sustainable Prince, where we feature the less attractive parts of the Prince’s agenda. The more people take the red pill, and know the truth, the better. Yet when it comes to Royalty and social status, the blue pill suckers are out there in droves. Red pill takers must engage with the powers that govern us. We try to pretend all is well, appeal to common sense, and then see what we get. If it’s nothing but abuse, then we do go for some truth revelation, and put on the pressure. While another world would be preferable, we still have to live in the one we are actually in. I hope you can read between the lines.

  3. NPP says:

    I understand. Indeed, being and venting angry tones at anyone does appear to be a relinquishing of energy, but so tempting…

    I sense you will get this matter sorted.

  4. Tapestry says:

    HMPO called us on the way to the airport. they say a passport for Selene has been authorised. it will be delivered to where we stay in Manila. Someone else apart from us wants this saga brought to a close. nice to have it settled before we fly.

  5. Tapestry says:

    We did not see it NPP as we were travelling yesterday. Do you have a link? Just arrived in Manila. Selene very happy and so are we. I wonder what they are doing to rubbish the story. I have plenty of written evidence, signed by the Minister.

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