Roseanne! Talk To Ryan!

Trump. Ryan Dawson gives background on:
Palestine Syria and 911
… valuable commentary on Syria, Middle East and so forth.

Brendan Dilley talks to Roseanne Barr during the last 20 mins or so of the following YVA link…
Roseanne makes great points and as charming as she is, she indicates lack of knowledge about Syria. Roseanne! Talk to Ryan! He could do with some support; he keeps suffering FakeBook and YouTube and social media jail.
Your Voice America:
YourVoice™ America (7/25) “Trump Wins Trade War!”
Today, President Trump met with the Head of the EU to discuss a cease-fire in the trade war with the potential for zero tariffs between the US and the EU! They said it couldn’t be done. Trump has done it!


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