Resisting The Creeping Police State

The police look like they are in a war zone. The NSA listens in to our phone calls and reads our text messages with the help of “private” telecommunications companies. The Bill of Rights is being gutted. Should we give up and accept the creeping police state? Hardly!

Rutherford Institute president John W. Whitehead joins today’s Liberty Report with important information on how we can fight back against the authoritarians who seek control over us. Also don’t miss a special announcement in today’s program: John Whitehead is joining our excellent line-up of speakers at our August 18th Peace and Prosperity Conference in Washington, DC!

Ron Paul: ; John Whitehead

TAP – The Illuminati always disposes of its agents.  The USA is used to destroy every independent country around the world.  Then the US’ own independence is destroyed.  Unless the US awakens.

Posted July 02, 2018



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