Portable wind turbine made in Iceland

Olivier Soudieux 1 year ago (edited)

WARNING: DON’T BUY THIS FAKE PRODUCT. The 2 brother raised fund but never lunched the production. They are are currently untder US police arrest. (Seach opn the web, you’ll find article about it).

Four sizes of micro-turbines, designed to be portable personal wind energy stations, are in the works from Janulus.

Early last year, we covered the launch of a tiny portable wind turbine and battery combo, the Trinity, which promised to be small wind’s counterpart to the portable solar charger revolution. While the price of the device seemed a bit on the high side (when compared on a dollars/watt basis with small solar panels), the Kickstarter campaign was able to garner enough pledges to reach and go beyond its original goal.

Those first Trinity wind energy stations were just shipped to backers this month, and the folks behind the device are already back again seeking crowdfunding for upgraded and scaled up versions of the Trinity, all with battery storage, and including several with integrated inverters for directly powering AC devices. The largest of the new models, a 2500 W turbine with a 300,000 mAh battery, is said to be powerful enough to supply electricity for a tiny house, RV, or even to charge an electric car.

The new Trinity portable wind turbines range in size from the 50 W model, which could be an appropriate personal gadget charger (DC/USB charging only), which can be had for a pledge of $369, to the larger 400 W ($999), 1000 W ($2799), and 2500 W ($5599) models. The units are said to begin producing electricity in wind speeds as low as 2 m/s (4 mph), and the blades can be deployed in a vertical orientation for high wind speed applications.

Both the 1000 W and 2500 W models have an onboard grid tie inverter, so the device can be plugged directly into an outlet to supply AC electricity for powering standard household appliances without requiring any additional wiring or electrical wizardry (your mileage may vary on this, as electricity can be dangerous, so if you don’t know what you’re doing, consult an expert first). The above photo of the 2500 W Trinity unit installed at a home and charging a Tesla Model S appear to be just for show, as the turbines look to be in the wind shadow of the house, which seems to be in conflict with how wind turbines should be deployed.

According to the campaign page, one of the big advantages of these micro-turbines is their light weight and portability, with the largest of the models weighing in at just 42 lb (19 kg), and the optional quick release mount aims to provide a stable platform while in operation. The lithium-ion battery packs in the Trinity turbines come with a 2-year warranty, and are replaceable, and the accompanying smartphone app allows users to see power production stats in realtime, along with access to historical data on wind speeds and electricity generation.

Find out more at Janulus.


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