End requirement for babies to hold passports. Roll on Brexit.

The segment we did with BBC Radio Shropshire on Tuesday morning with Eric and Claire was put out by the main BBC website as a written update, as well as The Shropshire Star, and Midlands Today. The story was picked up by a Hong Kong Filipino news website and one in Dubai. The latter found my wife on Facebook, contacted her and they in turn interviewed her. The Facebook article they put out has been shared hundreds of times in amongst the expat Filipino community, possibly thousands of times. We only see the news website page and the initial shares.

The Passport Office should act, and say that British citizen mothers don’t need passports to bring a baby home to the UK. Their own passport plus medical evidence of birth should be made sufficient to bring your baby home initially. A passport should be a legal requirement to travel from one year, not from date of birth.

Otherwise the Home Office’s reputation, and the country’s  reputation will be negatively affected – that is if anyone even cares about such things any more.  Which seems less and less likely as every day goes by.

Either way we are not a ‘special case’ as the Passport Office has told us we are.  We are nothing but the norm.  People travel and need passports.

If the passport office is unwilling to issue them for babies born overseas in a sharpish timeframe, and they are definitely not willing whatever they claim publicly, then work it out another way.

Babies don’t need passports anyway.

It’s bureaucracy run mad and out of control – literally.

Do without as life has to go on.  For that to happen,  Brexit will be needed, I would imagine.


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