Parliament’s away. The mice start to play.

Many government agencies want out of fracking, and they are looking for a way.  Can the anti-frackers hand them one?  In theory, yes.  But the anti-fracking community in the North West is fractured.  It must stand together.  Ian Crane gives a few pointers as to where the Achilles heel of Cuadrilla lies.   Lack of funds is, like at Kirby Misperton, probably the main weakness.  In the event of a blow out or a major hydrocarbon release at Preston New Rd, they will need tens of millions.  Yet they only have laid aside about 5,000 or so.  They have given no detailed thought to emergency response.  There are no plans in place as to how a negative event will be dealt with.

3000 people are being educated less than a mile downwind of the Cuadrilla drill site.

Anything could happen.

In 2013, George Osborne’s Father-in-Law, Lord Howell of Guildford suggested that FRACKING should limited to the “Desolate North” … UNLESS the people who live in the not-so-desolate North start to comprehend the magnitude of the threat, it may well be that Lord Howell’s statement may have been eerily prophetic!

MPs are now away for their ludicrously long summer break.  While they’re away,  it seems like the frackers are readying to drill some holes, jeopardising the safety of thousands of school children, inter alia.  Nothing is being done to prepare anyone for the coming catastrophe.  The cats are away.  You can imagine them all chanting the usual trite phrases when they get back – ‘unforeseeable circumstances’ and so on.  No, you bunch of pussies, the whole thing is entirely foreseeable, documented, videoed, spoken about, reported on and known.  They will try trotting out their excuses, purring as they collect nice bowls of cream from the oil and gas industry.

Lancashire lads and lasses. Watch your future here.


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