More proof of Hitler’s escape to Argentina.

As you know, I just returned
from Argentina; my 10th
expedition to this beautiful
and fascinating country.

We met and interviewed a lady who
honeymooned at a very
exclusive resort hotel in
1954 in Patagonia…..she
and her husband both saw
Hitler in this hotel. We
interviewed her on camera.

Now that we have returned,
we will be on the air – Rense
Radio this Friday; 13 July.

BUENOS AIRES – Photo H2 is the once magnificent manor house at Inalco where
Hitler lived from 1945 to 1955. It has deteriorated sadly since our first visit in 2008.
Photo J4 is the decaying horse barn on the farm that supported Inalco. There will be a
Sharkhunters Patrol there February 2019 – these places will soon be gone; join us.

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