Letter to Melanie Shaw’s MP Chris Leslie

Letter to Melanie Shaw’s MP…
From: Robert Green
Sent: 23 July 2018 14:05
To: chris.leslie@parliament.uk
Subject: Melanie Shaw
Dear Mr Leslie,
I have contacted you, as have many others over the years, about the disgraceful ongoing plight of your constituent Melanie Shaw.
I do not propose to go through the details of this case, as I feel confident that you have been fully informed about the state`s unrelenting persecution of this poor, defenceless and acknowledged victim of multiple sexual abuse, committed whilst in the supposed ‘care’ of the Nottinghamshire authorities. Indeed, one local authority employee, Andris Logins, has been convicted of multiple rapes committed at the very care home in which Melanie was placed. and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. His wife , Helen Logins, another Nottingham council social worker, has also been convicted for aiding and abetting her husband.
I and others have been in regular contact with Amnesty International as the evidence suggests that Melanie, during her controversial imprisonment, has been the victim of torture, administered by the UK state. The case is, I am told, being currently considered by that international organisation.
We now know, due to recent revelations, that the British government is perfectly capable, not only of being complicit in torture, but also even prepared to publicly lie about it, as demonstrated by the misconduct of Jack Straw. At least, one excuse, weak though it is, was that such torture was used on suspected foreign terrorists operating outside the United Kingdom.
Melanie Shaw, on the other hand, is a Nottingham woman and UK national who has apparently been tortured in British prisons because of the evidence she is prepared to put before the IICSA, in providing details of serious crimes committed at Beechwood Home that may implicate high-ranking public individuals , including, I understand, a person formerly a colleague of the current Prime Minister.
As Melanie is clearly an absolutely crucial, high-profile witness in the IICSA investigation into widescale child sexual abuse in the Nottingham area, I found it shocking that the Inquiry has not already interviewed her, regardless of the incarceration that can only be explained rationally as a means of silencing her.
I have therefore sent key details to the IICSA`s current head, Professor Alexis Jay and her deputy, Liz Long, has written to me to confirm that these details have indeed been read by Professor Jay.
There can now be no further excuse for the failure to interview Melanie.
As her elected parliamentary representative, what are you going to do about it?
Yours sincerely,
Robert Green

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