Laura James. Try Vanessa Beeley.

I’ve just listened to a bimbo on BBC R4:

She stated, with a straight face on the Eddie NightMair 5pm PM show that that Assad was the proverbial terrible dictator and the White Helmets wonderful. My dear Laura, try, Vanessa Beeley or Eva Bartlett…

So Laura, Cambs Analytica are bad, but Oxford Analytica good? Who are these OxBridge talking heads presumed to be so knowledgeable? We must call them out and I am doing so via Tap Blog.


UKC: Exodus Of The Exceptionals


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  1. danceaway says:

    posted today. Title: Huge Cache of White Helmets Exposed Links all in one massive volume for sharing and red pilling – over 400 images in 22 files.

    This might be of some help to the lady in question?

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