How the Nazis won WW2.

Among other things, the Nazi were master
thieves…and over the course of WW II they stole
billions and billions of dollars in assets from
all over Europe and the world.
Before the war ended – and they knew that
the war was lost early on – they planned
what to do with all their stolen loot AFTER
the war.
A little known fact of history…They succeeded
massively in getting their assets out of Germany
and distributed it all over the world – where their
descendants still control it.

– Brasscheck TV

The Nazi Venture Capitalist

Hitler’s Deputy, Martin Bormann,
started 750 companies… after WWII

This moneyed Nazi network has maintained economic and political power ever since

It is August 10, 1944 in Strasburg, Germany and the Nazi capital flight has just begun. On this day there was held a notorious meeting of at least thirty German industrialists known as the ‘Red House meeting’. Organized by Martin Bormann, Hitler’s private secretary of information, such companies as Krupp and Volkswagen were in attendance.

The corporate industrialists who supported the Third Reich met secretly at The Red House in Strasburg to discuss and develop plans to asset strip Germany to pave the way towards the Fourth Reich. For this purpose, Bormann, or what is called “The Bormann Group” set up over 750 corporations to gain control over Nazi loot.

An unwavering and vigorous network of corporate entities run by hardened SS veterans, the Bormann group constituted what one veteran banker termed “the greatest concentration of money power under a single control in history.”

In this book, Nazi in Exile, veteran reporter Paul Manning documented that the Bormann Group certainly was the repository for the stolen wealth of Europe by the Nazis which they then transformed into greater assets. The amount is estimated by British intelligence to have totaled more than $180 billion by the end of 1943.

Where did all that Nazi loot go?

English radio host, Tony Gosling, tell this story and relates it to the “criminal government of millionaires” he says run England and the EU.



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