How Dry Do You Want It SWT?

Gossiter Gonad: ‘How dry do you want it Suffolk Wildlife MisTrust?’

If you have watched UK TV series Dad’s Army, you have seen Capt. Mainwaring and his men walk over Knettishall and past the trees of Red Arch on your screen. SWT have invaded Knettishall, installed fences, cattle grids, imported moors ponies, signs everywhere and we expect instructions on how to walk and breathe. Of course, this summer weather is due to anthropological climate change and nothing what so ever to do with the sun or planetary cycles. The universe is not electric; it is a Newtonian reduction particle model and anyone who disagrees will be soundly cautioned by BBC science God Brian Klotz.

At Knettishall they are removing trees to maintain a heathland environment.

Knettishall local comments on insanity of woodland being replaced by dry, poor soil

A local has initiated a challenge to the tree cutting policy of Suffolk Wildlife MisTrust… this taxpayer funded organisation which proudly pictures Sir David Rottenborough on the back of its brochures to remind us all what a disease the human is upon the earth, is returning Knettishall to ‘heathland’ as part of international Convention of Bio-Diversity legislation legally binding and arranged by unelected people in other countries. But hey, who cares? The British? Don’t be silly! The British are more concerned about gender identity conversion. Sod the trees!


Heathland restoration:


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