Hitler and Bormann revealed

Our radio show of last week on Rense Radio is now posted.  Go to www.sharkhunters.com then select NEWS and you go to our radio shows.  This is already posted.
This Saturday Shannon Davis will make history on his special radio show when he has the world’s top historian for U-Boats and Hitler’s escape on the show AND the world’s top historian on Martin Bormann together to give their insights into parts of history the average person does not know.  Tune in at 7pm EST this Saturday 21 July and be part of history!
This show will make questions pop into your mind so write them down during the show then email us here with your questions and we will answer them – but don’t miss this show.
Hitler and Bormann – running WW2 to the Illuminati’s agenda for Germany.
Official U-Boat history
Direct link for U-Boat History

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