Gerard Batten’s UKIP surge forcing Conservatives to ditch May

Political Class Running Scared as UKIP Poll Rating Surges

Breaking News12 July – 2018  

Poll surge comes on the day of the Government’s Brexit White Paper Release

The leaked opening section of the rejected Department for Exiting the European Union’s White Paper reveals the kind of Brexit David Davis was working on behind the scenes.
UKIP considers the department’s proposed strategy to be too conciliatory to the European Union. We believe that Britain should get out now, defer to World Trade Organisation rules and build our trading relationship with the rest of the world. The fact that this watered-down document was rejected by Theresa May is yet another sign that we are heading for nothing like genuine Exit from the EU and that the final White Paper to be published today will reflect that.
This news comes on the back of the changing shape of the polls, with YouGov announcing this morning that UKIP is now on 6% (+1) and that the Tories are two points behind Labour. UKIP has seen a polling increase of 3% in just three days and this news will worry many of those occupying increasingly marginal seats at Westminster. Voicing support for UKIP strikes fear into the political establishment. The threat of losing their political careers is what brought us the EU Referendum, and it is this again which will force the Government to implement the decision of the Referendum.
The news of the Conservatives Brexit betrayal is sinking into Leave voters across the country and they are responding accordingly. The people were duped by the Tories into believing that they could be trusted with Brexit, but under our Remain-supporting Prime Minister, this was never the case. UKIP is the only party committed to achieving Brexit and our return to prominence marks the beginning of the fightback.
 UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said,
“There never was going to be a ‘good deal’.  The EU doesn’t want the UK to leave, so why would they offer one?  Mrs. May has spent two years going nowhere. The only position acceptable to the EU is our abject surrender. Mrs. May’s capitulation to the EU is blatant and shameless. Even the destruction of her own party is secondary to serving the interests of the EU.  It will never be too late for a patriotic British government to take control of the situation. We should stop asking the EU how we can leave, and start telling it how it is going to happen.  UKIP will continue to campaign for a complete exit from the EU.”

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