Gay #WalkAway Support for Trump

It continues to bemuse me how much ‘prejudice’ is aimed at President Trump. Week in week out the likes of Diane Abbott or Alastair Campbell or Eric Clapton spout their disdain from the £3.74 billion taxpayer funded BBC. I still have friends referring to him as a racist; right wing fascist; white supremacist etc… the Donald may be many things, but I have never observed his prejudice about creed or colour or gender. My understanding is he’s interested in results and ‘winning’. I am still simply glad that he stopped Hillary Clinton from winning; her entourage and ensemble would have been horrendous whether interfering in Syria or perpetuating the anthropological climate change scam or pushing vaccinations and GMO food. Sure, I would urge Trump to talk to Ian R. Crane about the danger of fracking and ask him why he has not pushed harder on his apparent scepticism on the vaccination industry, but he has inherited a monstrous legacy and who knows what he is dealing with day to day. Under Trump’s watch, Assad and Syria seem more stable, the Korea’s are talking peaceful relations ad he plans to meet Putin 16 July. Isn’t this good? Obomba was handed a Nobel Peace Prize for being black, harboured gender and identity divisions and went onto drop bombs and continue foreign invasion policy.

Even Basil Valentine last Sunday made a comment that despite not being a big fan of Trump…
Episode #239 – ‘The Beast from East’ with Basil Valentine and guest Jay Dyer
… I’d have to return to Sunday Wire show to recall his exact words, but I do recall my feeling at the time, ‘c’mon Basil, he and it could be far worse’.

Bit by bit positives are being made. I am fed up with LGBT and gender identity politics, but do welcome the likes of Brandon Straka at least stepping up and contradicting the tedious BBC prejudice narrative about Trump.

This interview on YouTube…

… taken from Your Voice America:

Traci Belmonte is one of YVA’s show hosts, a New Yorker Italian American Trumpeteer and no she has not had botox treatment, though as she has relayed, she gets called botox face by never-Trumpers.

#WalkAway – Brandon Straka, “Why I left the Democratic Party”

Watch: #WalkAway Movement to Abandon Democrat Party Goes Viral

Watch: #WalkAway Movement to Abandon Democrat Party Goes Viral


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