Explains Cancer Better…

The Cancer Gene Theory Is Floored

Cancer explained by Thomas Seyfried

From my Clive de Carle newsletter…

‘This important video below explains cancer better than almost any I have heard, shattering the myths once and for all. It explains what you need to do and why.’

Is cancer a genetic disease or mitochondrial metabolic disease?
Cancer as a genetic disease is a dogmatic ‘religious’ belief

Observer effect! As soon as you take a sample, you observe it and it could be completely different from the cells left within the body because of the observer’s influence (ref: quantum physics and the double slit experiment)
Only cells that ferment develop cancer.
Reduce plasma glucose and raise ketones
Cancer cells need glutomine
We go to Egypt because we can’t do this in the US or UK…. (illegal?)
Eventually this therapy will make all other cancer therapies obsolete… because people want to live!

A Novel Therapeutic Strategy For Metabolic Management of Cancer – Thomas Seyfried (June 2018)


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