Crane holed up preparing to defend right to protest in the UK. Next week heads for court action in Manchester.

He’s holed up in the Pennines working on the preparation of the next hearing in ‘injunctions barring protest’ case.

UKOG hearing was yesterday.  Judge Mayall deferred his ruling, not surprisingly, waiting for Cuadrilla case. The Cuadrilla hearing is next Tuesday and Wednesday in Manchester.  After the hearing, Ian’ll share with you the shenanigans going on before the case.

Michael Fallon stated that The Weald is also targeted for gas production as well as the North of England.  Including many counties just south of London, as far as Kent.  UKOG, IGAS have many areas licensed for extraction.  The beauty of fracking the South is that it will affect the commentariat who are writing in favour of fracking the North of England.

7 tremors in Surrey each of greater magnitude or equivalent to the Prees Hall earthquake.  A 2.7, a 1.8, a 1.5, a 2.6 on 28th June.  2.4 next day.  Yesterday’s quake was at 3.1.

It is admitted these could all be related to drilling at Brockham which required re-injection.  All are within 3 miles….

They should stop all activity now and check out what’s causing the earthquakes.

Ian Crane is in between the main Northern fracking areas, with the nearest fracking licence only ten miles away.  The current drought has seen wildfires nearby.  Water supplies are low in the area.  Hosepipe bans are being brought in in Northern Ireland.  Yet the unconventional gas industry needs to consume 2 million gallons of water per well.  Cuadrilla have pressurised the aquifer at Preston New Rd causing flooding of their site, yet this brings no news reports.  Only the corporations and the Tory Party want the fracking industry.  Yet earthquakes are starting, and stress on people in the South could well increase.  Are property prices are about to crash in the South east as a result?

That would wake up the folks down that part of Britain.  House prices is all they ever think about.

Judge Pelling has a key role to play as regards future generations, in allowing people the keep the right to protest.  All that stands between British democracy and the corporations are a just a few judges.  Good luck Ian and the team with the Cuadrilla Injunction hearing next week.


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