British Government issues D Notice to hide truth behind Skripal

Collusion continues not between Trump and Russians, but between intelligence agencies, the media and American politicians with hidden agendas. While the public are fed a steady diet of tales of an unfree press in Russia, it is the British press which has been censored by its government. A Defence and Security Media Advisory Notice (D Notice) has been issued which prevents them from reporting fully on the Skripal case. Most Americans are unaware that the British government may prevent the media from reporting on any subject or person they choose. The person being protected now may be a man named Pablo Miller.

“While the public are fed a steady diet of tales of an unfree press in Russia, it is the British press which has been censored by its government.”

Miller was Skripal’s MI6 handler and was also employed at Christopher Steele’s firm Orbis. Miller and Steele may have involved Skripal in writing the anti-Trump dossier. While Americans are given endless misinformation making Russia look like the foreign interloper in their nation’s affairs it is actually the British deep state…

The Russiagate purveyors constantly say, “Connect the dots.” If there are any dots to connect they run from the DNC to former MI6 spies to CIA assets to Russian double agents to American intelligence to alleged chemical weapons attacks used to justify war or to stop the upcoming Trump and Putin summit. It is all being used to further the now obligatory anti-Russian propaganda that is pervasive on both sides of the Atlantic.

Anti-Russia sentiment has been stoked for two years straight and with expert precision. Any counter narratives have been obscured with equal precision. Honest discourse is now nearly impossible and the likelihood of public support for anything up to and including hot war between nuclear powers has increased. The world is a more dangerous place but not because of Russia. As always the United States and its allies are the cause of the turmoil.

This time they may have created dangers that they are unable to contain.

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  1. Gordon Logan says:

    To see the full extent of censorship under the Tory rats, just compare ‘moderation’ in the UK and Russia. The UK media is stiff with ‘moderation. In Russia it hardly exists. Just look at RT or Sputnik.

  2. danceaway says:

    Could it be that there is also a D notice on reporting on Melanie Shaw?

    • Tapestry says:

      Madeleine McCann. Dunblane. Pedophiles are protected in every case. With the full force of the law. The Police. The Courts. The media. The military. The Church. Royalty. Our system of government is not democratic, but Satanic. Their hallmark is the torturing and killing of children. Since Rome til now. Everything you think is good and have been told is good is supreme evil.

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