Anti-Trump Protestors? You Decide.

It’s a bit like BNP’s Nick Griffin appearing on BBC Question Time. He was given a platform and people didn’t find him or his message attractive. The anti-Trump protestors did not present an attractive proposition and I suggest London Mayor Sordik Khant hardly inspired support for his message or cause. Is this a George Soros funded vision of hell?

From 21st Century Wire’s Patrick Henningsen’s FakeBook page…

An example comment:
From Friday between 50-100 people in Regents Park (outnumbered by the media covering them) banging tambourines and blowing whistles, calling for Trump to be “Imprisoned” and “Orange racist go home” (which to me sounds like REAL racism) and howling at the metal cordon fence, several hundred meters away from the residence and well out of Trump’s earshot. It would be funny but after the BREXIT BETRAYAL I’m not laughing any more. These people don’t represent me, they represent the corporations and the bankers and what what’s more infuriating is they have no concept of what’s been done to them by the media and the establishment, and just how misinformed, wound up and programmed they are!

Patrick Henningsen:
Kind of pointless for British to come out in hating Trump when their own government is literally running the country over a cliff, with dirty hands in Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabian arms deals, and Brexit shambles. Is this not some kind of bizarre joke?

A good rant:
It’s selective outrage Patrick and I have nothing but disdain and contempt for its hypocrisy. Where were they during the 8 years Obama was on his warmongering rampage? Or when he built 700 miles of “separation barrier” (aka as a WALL)… or when he deported more illegal immigrants and prosecuted more whistle-blowers than any other president in US history? Obama’s sins are legion and their repercussions will be many and long lasting… but no silly balloons for Saint Obama or collective outrage over his foreign policies which resulted in the tsunami of refugees into the EU. Nothing. Zip. Nada. They all buried their collective Soros brainwashed heads up their arses and dreamed of mythical unicorns and rainbows while Libya and Syria burned. Just shows how shallow, narcissistic and self absorbed and easily manipulated all these “SJW” are. (Apologies for the rant. It’s been one of those mornings.)


Apparently from The Guardian’s Owen Jones….


Rees-Mogg’s view of Theresa May’s Brexit white paper…




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  1. Tom74 says:

    The ‘protests’ were probably deliberately stirred up by the American Deep State’s stooges in the UK intelligence agencies and media to try to discredit Trump. It was clearly all planned long ago. Notice how so many of the ‘protesters’ are in disguise too, as though they didn’t want to be identified.

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