Red pill or blue pill? You choose.

TAP –  Actually I don’t agree with this video at all.  Swallow the blue pill (Did you watch the movie The Matrix?) and forever go back to not knowing you are living in a created and managed matrix.  Swallow the red, and you will never be able to go back to your former blissful state of ignorance.  Looking at people I know, the blue pill fraternity look far more stressed than the red.  Just sayin’!  I agree the more educated are the hardest to crack and to make them open their minds to what is going on in front of them every day, or those who make money by keeping their minds closed.

But many more now I find are already half way there, and need little encouragement to swallow the red pill and go all the way to realising that nothing makes any sense any more.  They seem much happier once they have opened their minds and start fighting real battles not fake ones, although the transition to ‘red’ can be tough.

Keep talking.  Keep communicating.  Just be selective and don’t waste your time on those who won’t open and just think they know it all already.  Blue pill swallowers find it very hard to go backwards after a lifetime in the blue zone.  ‘Younger’ people, say around 40 seem far more open to new ideas than those of 60 plus.  Everything was so certain in the 1960s when they grew up.  To most, things still are as they sit on comfortable little empires.  But many people from the 1990s onwards had it much tougher, and already know there is something fishy about it all.  Keep talking (and writing) is my advice to anyone who will listen.



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