Aberfan. Hillsborough. Grenfell Tower. British Gas seeks mass casualties in Lancashire.

Ian R Crane & Helen Chuntso discuss the absurdity of the FACT that Cuadrilla are seeking permission to FRACK their Unconventional Gas Well near Blackpool … without ANY EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLANS being in place!! If the Secretary of State, Greg Clark MP, gives the go-ahead, HE will be culpable & WILL be held to account, in the event of a major Blowout/Gas Leak.  Ian Crane looks at how many people are affected and what hazards they face.

500,000 people are being put at risk at by Cuadrilla owned by British Gas at PNR (Preston New Rd) near Blackpool.   There are no emergency plans in schools or anywhere else for what will happen in the event of an inadvertent gas release as has occurred elsewhere in the world at gas fracking sites.

The episode of Fracking Nightmare last night (number 116) exposes the total disregard of the leadership of Britain’s emergency services to the people affected.  They simply do not care.  Pollution events in the US have lasted for weeks before wells can be capped with billions of cubic feet of toxic gases released.  Around PNR the health of 500,000 people could be sacrificed.  In the US they report increases in cancers and deaths around sites where large quantities of gas have inadvertently been released.

Earlier drillings in the same area caused earthquakes.  This is a high risk drilling area.

The whole of this population might need to be moved.  Imagine the costs that are being risked, from all aspects.  Lives.  Health.  Homes.  Money.

Watch last night’s episode of Fracking Nightmare now – episode 116.  (TAP – I can’t yet find it on Youtube or on www.ianrcrane.com)


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