When Scotland was Jewish

More on the Rockefellers by Miles Mathis First published June 10, 2018.

I tripped across some interesting information today and followed it down the rabbit hole. I will now show you the way. The father of John D. Rockefeller was “con artist” William Avery Rockefeller, who was also known as Dr. William Levingston. That’s curious, since of course it links us to the prominent Livingston family, which had previously been Earls of Levingston. So why did Rockefeller use that alias? Well, the big clue is the middle name Avery, which is also linked to the Livingstons. This indicates to me that the con artist William Avery Rockefeller actually changed his name from Levingston to Rockefeller. That is, the name Levingston is not the alias, the name Rockefeller is. That would mean the whole descent from Rockenfelders of Germany is fiction, inserted by the Rockefellers and promoted to hide their ancestry. Again, that makes sense given my previous research, where I found a lot of problems with that story. It also fits with my previous findings that the Rockefellers are Jewish. Given the spelling Levingston, we can see that the Livingstons are probably the same as the Levinsons. The sons of Levi.

John D Rockefeller

Strangely enough, that never occurred to me until today. In the US, the Livingstons are one of the founding families: see for instance Robert Livingston the Elder, who came over from Scotland via Holland in the late 1600s. This—among many other things—indicates the family was involved in the East India Company. It is admitted they were wealthy traders. Once in the New World, they married with the equally wealthy Schuyler family, which I have also mentioned before. Robert’s sister married Pieter Schuyler, Governor of Albany. This Schuyler family is also scrubbed, with Pieter’s grandfather having no surname given at mainstream sources. The name Schuyler came from the grandmother. However, once again we find they were Jewish merchants tied to the East India Company. Wikipedia tells us one was a baker, but that is the usual joke. It should be banker. They just leave out that “n”, you see. They then re-use it later in names like Elston Gunn n (Bob Dylan), and Dylan n Storm Roof (alleged shooter in Charleston). It is admitted that the Schuylers were large landowners in Holland, related to the Philips and Verplanks. You will remember the Philips from my papers on Elvis, Marx, etc. They are still around as Philips Electronics. The Schuylers and Livingstons later became linked to (or spawned) the Roosevelts, Kennedys, Bushes, van Cortlandts, and van Rensselaers. So, the Rockefellers didn’t come out of nowhere, as we are led to believe. They came from the old Jewish families of the East India Company we have seen over and over.

Amazingly, they admit this on the maternal side, since William Rockefeller’s mother Lucy Avery’s cousins were Phelps, Dunhams, Billings, Bancrofts and Clarks. And yes, that links us to Obama, whose mother was a Dunham. It also links us to Lem Billings, JFK’s gay lover. Lucy’s grandparents were Solomon and Hannah Avery. Further back we find Palmers, Hewitts and Arundels. Wikipedia admits this means she is descended from Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York. That’s his son, the 2nd Duke of York. Not what you expected, right? How about that long nose and turban? Is that what you were taught the English dressed like in the 1400s? And we have another clue: Langley Palace—where these Dukes grew up—was the residence of the Plantagenet Kings back to 1276. It was established by Edward I Longshanks. Remember, his wife was Eleanor of Castile (Spain), who was descended from Templar Ramon Berenguer II. She was also of the Houses of Burgundy and Capet in France, which we have looked at before. She is also descended from Saint Matilda of Saxony. Also from Charlemagne. Through the Dukes of Burgundy, she descends from Judith of Brittany, whom we have studied before. She was the grandmother of William the Conqueror. This links us to many cryto-Jewish lines we have previously uncovered. Langley Palace is interesting for a couple of other reasons. One, it is in Hertfordshire, near Ware, which also comes up in this paper. Two, it reminds us of CIA headquarters. Coincidence? I doubt it. Same families.

Anyway, Langley was later given by Henry VIII to John Russell, Earl of Bedford. It ended up passing to Nicholas Bacon, father of Sir Francis Bacon, belying what we are told about the prominence of the Bacons of that time. We are told the Bacons were not noble and were not especially wealthy, with Francis having to scrape—the usual story. And yet they had been given the former Royal residence by the King himself! Also worth knowing is that Edward Longshanks and Eleanor of Castile were close cousins. Edward’s grandfather was Ramon Berenguer IV. Like Eleanor, Edward also descended in direct line from the Counts of Burgundy.] But let us return to the 1st Duke of York. His mother was Philippa of Hinault, who we already saw in my genealogy of John of Gaunt. In short, they were Jewish back to the Komnenes of Armenia in the 11th century. Lucy also descends from Mary Boleyn, sister of Anne Boleyn. Mary was mistress of both Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France. More recently Lucy was descended from the Wests, Barons and Earls de la Warr (Delaware). See for example the 1st Earl John West, Lieutenant General, whose mother was the heiress of John Freeman, very wealthy London merchant. Given the name, we may assume he was Jewish. It is a variant of Friedman. John West married the daughter of a Spencer. West’s father had been Teller of the Exchequer. His grandfather was a colleague of Sir George Booth, both of them jailed for trying to restore Charles II. Two generations back we connect them to the Knollys, Careys, and Boleyns again. John West was Governor of the Levant Company for 30 years, and after that became Governor of New York (1737). The Levant Company again ties us to the East India Company. The first was chartered by the Queen in 1592, the second in 1600. The first was run by Sir Edward Osborne, head of the Clothworkers livery. He was also Lord Mayor of London. His wife was a Hewett/Hewitt, closely tied to the families were are looking at here. The East India Company was first governed by John Watts, also a head of the Clothworkers livery and also Lord Mayor of London.

John Watts was from Ware, which of course links us to the de la Warrs, who were also from Ware. He was also of the same crypto-Jewish families. The only difference between the Levant Company and the East India Company is that one dealt with the near East and the other dealt with the Far East. But they were owned and run by the same families. What the mainstream bio of Lucy Avery doesn’t admit is that through these Wests, she is also descended from Mowbrays, and before that from the Plantagenets. She is descended from Henry Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Lancaster. This links us to Henry III of England and Louis VIII of France. It also links us directly to Isaak II Angelus, Emperor of Constantinople, and Frederick Barbarossa, Holy Roman Emperor. Through Isaak we are back to the Komnenes of Armenia. So it is somewhat strange that the mainstream bios of the Rockefellers pass over this without comment. Some of it is admitted at mainstream sites, but since it is never stressed, most people miss it. More evidence comes from a study of the Livingstons of the peerage. They were from Scotland, closely related to the top families there like the Stuarts, Houstons, Douglases, Flemings, Spencers, de Quincys, MacLochlans, and so on. See the book When Scotland was Jewish for more on that. Also remember that Hitler’s nephew was a Stuart-Houston.

The Livingstons also come from FitzAlans, which not only links us to the ruling Stewarts/Stuarts of England and Scotland, it links us to William the Conqueror. But the ancestors of the Livingstons predate even William the Conqueror. They were Kings of Scotland, Kings of the Hebrides, and Lords of the Isles back before the year 1000. See Ragnall mac Somhairle, Lord of the Isles in about 1200. His grandfather was Solam, born in around 1040. Note that name, which looks like a variant of Solomon. It is unlike all the other names in the ancestries surrounding it, suggesting some outside influence at the time. At any rate, Geni.com traces the Scottish Kings of this family back and back. We go back to the Constantines who were Kings in 500AD. Finally we come to Fergus Mor, founder of Scotland in the late 400s. So, in a nutshell, the same families have been ruling the West for more than 1500 years. The Rockefellers were kings in 400AD, and they are still kings. Nothing much changes except the form and extent of the con. But why would William Levingston change his name to Rockefeller? If he was from these ruling families already, why hide it? Because these ruling families don’t want you to realize the extent to which they rule. They prefer to remain in the dark, so when things get too obvious, they hide. This is especially true where banking and similar conjobs are involved. It is not the exception, it is the rule. That is why we have seen so many name changes from the top families. Remember, the Windsors aren’t really Windsors. They are Saxe-Coburg-Gothas. Saxe is just a variation of Sachs, which should get you started there. Lenin wasn’t a Lenin, Stalin wasn’t a Stalin, Hitler wasn’t a Hitler, the Romanovs weren’t Romanovs*, and so on and so on and so on.

Up next: Anatoly Fomenko and New Chronology. *The Romanovs were Zakharyin-Koshkins. Is that also the same as Saxe/Sachs? Given that the ruling families of all the European countries are closely related, I wouldn’t be surprised.

In the same way, Komnene may be an Armenian variant of Kohen. In which case, Zakharyin-Koshkin is just the Russian equivalent of Sachs-Kohen.



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