What Is Your Nationality?

This is Mesut Özil… currently playing for Arsenal. In Turkey, we joke he’s Turkish, though he’s German born, 1988 Gelsenkirchen, and an experienced German World Cup squad player.


I painted a portrayal of Turkey’s first ever goal at the World Cup finals in 2002. The scorer was Hasan Sas (saş sounds like sash):


There’s hours worth of listening material listed below. Take it or leave as you feel inclined.

Germany vs. Saudi Arabia. Imagine constructing churches and opening pubs in Saudi. I suspect it would not be permitted, but are the Saudis subject to calls of being racist or xenophobic?


‘Ilkay Gundogan (ilkay gundoğan, ill-kay goon-dough-an),was booed by Germany fans as the team avoided a late scare to beat Saudi Arabia in their final World Cup warm-up game, in Leverkusen.

The Manchester City midfielder was jeered as he came on, and every time he touched the ball, after meeting Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (rech-ep tay-ip air-dough-an) in May and calling him “my president”.

…. Gundogan and Mesut Ozil, who also met Turkey’s president in London last month, were both criticised by the German FA at the time and booed by Germany fans during a 2-1 defeat in Austria on Saturday.’

The €U / one world order mind set are realising their goals; to homogenise national and cultural identity into superstate structure. It seems that millions of Turks in Germany, Holland and Belgium view themselves as Muslim Turk, not Christian German, Dutch or Belgian.

We are persistently reminded of the term Semite. Now a days, what is Jewish or Semitic is a poignant and sensitive question. It says in the dictionary that Semite is a language group, not a racial group. Just stating this probably risks accusation of being anti-Semitic.

What is British? English? Today the English national football ream is hardly a line up of light skin tones. The cultural identity of my birth nation has changed. As a child I assumed that as hundreds and thousadns of years go by, we will merge into a mix between ‘white’ and ‘black’ skin colour with yellows, reds, browns and all else between, presumably to become a predominantly creamy chocolatey colour. However, that assumed a natural melding of peoples, but instead today we are witnessing a forced artificially induced mixing of peoples.

A couple of weeks ago my images were used by the Young Turkish Business Association to exhibit Mustafa Yer Yer Kemal Yer Her in Cologne. I was not in attendance. It dawned upon me that I was contributing toward this melding of Muslim Turk into a community of traditionally Northern European Christian. Erdoğan has actively called for Muslims to breed and expand their presence.

Atatürk’s Eyes…


At least let’s have this discussion without name calling or accusation of being racist or zenophobic. I have long left behind the concepts of racism or genderism or isms and ists generally. I don’t care about your skin tone or what is between your legs. Are you an arsehole or not? I do recognise nature serves up the binary identities of male and female with some cross-over and mixture between the two, but that mixture tends to be a rarity as far as I understand. The BBC and what I see as cultural Marxist mind set is hell bent on eradicating the male-female binary model to create some kind of designer test tube reproduction system.

These are 3 lengthy interviews by Jean-Francois Gariépy and Frame Games:

Discussing the demographic situation for white countries around the world with Frame Games.

A factual special report on the Structure of Jewish Influence in America.

A special report by Frame Game on the state of the mainstream media industry in the US.

Patrick Little has just failed to secure election to the next round in a Californian primary. He has apparently been ‘woken up’ by

Ryan Dawson Interviews Patrick Little California US Senate Candidate



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