Vlad! 5G? Are You Mad?

Henry Phook, the Knettishall Phooking bird, asks Vladamir Putin, “Are you having a Novichuckle?”



This thought comes from a detail I heard on the atrocious BBC; the World Tonight BBC R4…

Europe divided on migration policy
About 27 mins in..
In-depth reporting and analysis from a global perspective…. in-depth? It’s as shallow as an evaporating puddle.

BBC twit James Landale…

…. profiles Alexander Yakovenko…

… Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United Kingdom

James Landale reports how Ambassador to London Alexander Yakovenko glad handed his way around the room at a party, that he boasted of the 5G mobile phone signal in Moscow…

That was the detail: the are rolling out 5G in Moscow as well as Sheffield.

Landale continued… the ambassador to the Court of St. James… close to those campaigning to leave the €U…. Arron banks, Andrew Wigmore…

As a side line of interest to me, Landale is going to swim the Bosphorus…

Landale reported that some one else referred to Yakovenko as ‘…a Kremin thug…’; Yakovenko stated the British state was some how responsible for the Skripal incident.
Landale compares Alexander Yakovenko to Saddam Hussein’s minister ‘chemical / comical Ali’

This BBC profile was typical of the trite that drips out of the £3.74 billion taxpayer funded UK Pravda. The important detail in all this was the information about 5G in Moscow. I would recommend Ian R. Crane mention this detail and suggest to Putin via his bloke in a field videos that Russia has been hoodwinked. Is Putin so silly as to sanction 5G? It would be something if Putin were to start discussing the pros or cons of 5G.


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