UKC: We Will Be Heard!

Whether Rev. Andrew Jackson at Frome Stop War 22 June or Melanie Shaw in Treason May’s prison or Arron Banks being ridiculously accused of Russian collusion, we will be heard. We have an on-going challenge to over come the management of information by the government and its propaganda tool the £3.74 billion BBC.

“I drive a Rolls Royce cos its good for ma voice…” a classic lyric from T.Rex
Rolls Royce

Pre show chat box…

Child is taken away from mother because she refused to give him ice cream has gone !! Account Suspended !!
RDH account suspended:

Show time…
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Conclusions: Alistair Blurt says Russia done it. Surprise surprise!

Peter Ford says they did not use reliable samples; slanted report


Alastic Blurt and OPCW take evidence from White Helmets

chat box: The OPCW was set up deliberately NOT to attribute responsibility; it is meant to be a quiet, dispassionate forum of experts.

Govt: this is our line: BBC repeats it.

Rolls Royce

“We need to simplify Rolls Royce management…”
Siphoning technology.

David Ellis suspects: RR being lined up for a take over…
David Ellis predicted all this a year and a half ago:

Warships? War ship! Not plural as Mike astutely points out.

chat box: The Chinese can’t even say “Rolls-Royce”!
Wolls Woyce?
Brussels plans to block US and UK groups from defence programme

Guy Verhofstadt
Accusation that Aaron Banks lied
chat box: Leader of the ALDE (Liberal) bloc in the EP and rabid Eurofederalist. Was originally a jingoistic right-wing liberal but after losing
The autobiography of a Dutch Eurosceptic MEP records how he runs out of the chamber with arms above head when someone bites back at him.

Support Rev. Andrew Jackson! Frome Stop War 22 June 2018

€U car tracking and surveillance…
chat box: Looks like the Christian Democrats are finally about to chop Merkel.

In China’s Far West, Companies Cash in on Surveillance Program That Targets Muslims

Facial surveillance… I was tempted to illustrate faecal surveillance.
Reeducation Centres!
George G posted this on social media…

chat box: I found /r/badunitedkingdom friends

The online censorship push and suppression of digital media goes deeper than recent isolated incidents from badunitedkingdom

FakeBook: self harming material…

chat box: Falun Gong ‘Live’ Organ Harvesting (ITNJ Seating)

FakeBook becoming a threat to data management?
WhatsApp: the govt views it as a platform for toxic news and information sharing?

BBC: immigrants save NHS!

Savage Javinj changes immigration for NHS… pushes a common narrative

Dismantle NHS in 10 steps
chat box: 13 year olds are legally competent… vaccinations, NHS data… only following the legislative law
chat box: This 13+ must decide for themselves order comes straight from the EU’s GDPR. I translated texts about it.
chat box: It’s intended to make 13-16s a pharmaceutical guinea pig pool, as they long have been in the fiefdom of South Wales.

Who needs parents in a test tube world?
This is the same philosophy as has been used in sex ed since the 80s — “You’re all going to do it anyway, so here’s how”


Alternative View 9 – 14 Disc DVD Collection

Melanie Shaw update: release date

I Will Be Heard… bizarre visual image:

Why is Melanie a problem for the government?

Melanie photographic memory
We believe that in a fair and effective criminal justice system, offenders are held to account, sentences ar proportionate

Tommy Robinson being moved to ‘Muslim’ prison. Alex Jones amkes appeal in his beard and pyjamas


Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Syria: OPCW fact-finding mission finds Sarin ‘very likely’ used
Peter Ford: here we go again – the samples were provided by ‘an NGO’…
OPCW credibility slipping away…attributing blame more important than facts
07:05 – Rolls Royce announces 4600 job cuts…more to come…?
Chinese Red Dragon stalks Rolls Royce
12:15 – Brussels plans to block US and UK groups from defence programme
Aaron Banks in the news: Russian money helped the Brexit vote…?
Any Brexit campaigner now tarred with ‘right-wing’ or ‘Russian’ brush
15:38 – Frome Stop War event: Reverend Andrew Ashdown speaking, 22 June
16:32 – Wall Street Journal: China’s surveillance state will soon track cars
Staggering hypocrisy: EU has had this requirement for 20 years…
China: companies cash in on surveillance program that targets Muslims
20:55 – NSPCC: Facebook exposes British children to violence and bullying
Government aim is to stop information spreading
24:45 – BBC: immigration rules to be relaxed for NHS staff
BBC propaganda as it pumps out ‘participatory democracy’
Think Tanks now making decisions for everyone…no oversight
BBC deliberately undermining Brexit – no point training people for NHS jobs
29:13 – Data: NHS opt-out now sent to 13 year olds…parents have no say
Age of consent next in government’s sights…?
33:33 – Alternative View 9 DVDs available for pre-order
34:21 – Melanie Shaw: still held in prison well past her release date…
UK Column informed the prison now creating charges against Melanie
Melanie Shaw silenced as IICSA goes to Nottingham
IICSA encouraging all child abuse survivors to come forward…
39:05 – Tommy Robinson: transferred to HMP Leicester – 71% Muslim…?
Actual Muslim prison population at HMP Leicester is 14.3%…


Last show: UKC: Stuff The People

UKC: Stuff The People


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