UKC: Teen Sex Ed At School In 2018

Madeleine Albright was on BBC R4 this morning, apparently to pontificate on facism. She called Trump the most undemocratic US President ever. John Humbumphrys, just retire. It was just more £3.74 billion taxpayer funded mind boggling stuff and nonsense. Let’s just remind ourselves about Mad Allbutbright:
Madeleine Albright says 500,000 dead Iraqi Children was “worth it” wins Medal of Freedom

Israel runs our country?

The illustration theme is taken from material presented in this show: sex education at school in 2018. It’s unfathomable; anal sex instruction for 6, 7, 8, 9 year olds? Watch this episode of UKC. There is other material of concern, such as the planned media management policy. But, the health education content is bizarre; apparently real life happening today. To say the least, it is perplexing material….

Pre show chat box…

Items contaminated by Novichok will be incinerated at 1,200C – hotter than molten lava.
White Helmets are helping Syrian militants prepare ‘false flag’ chemical attack – Idlib residents
Anti-child abuse activist & former Nobel Peace Prize nominee arrested for planning sex with 2yo
Just seen this, could well be LaFarge, we’ll see,

Show time…
FYI the chat box comments can sometimes be random and out of synch with the live show commentary, but generally on topic and providing a sense of live show experience… ultimately, I recommend you watch the show posted below… thanks to those in the chat box who contribute to the show and post useful links, especially ‘workhouse’.

Oh dear Theresa May…

State Control of the Press…’s-common-purpose

Support press and media from business point of you…



State control of media in communitarian system

The BBC Hungary interview

Hungarian foreign minister challenged on migration policy – BBC Newsnight…

This is what a BBC bias slanted unpleasant presstitute looks like.

€U immigration meeting…. preventing loss of life or creating infrastructure for people trafficking?

Macron to bring back national service…

OPCW… blame the Syrians!

Vaccines. HPV.

Gardasil into > 50 million people

Pussy Power?!

Teen Vogue Anal Sex!

Bottom Sex Advertorials For Vaccines

Which Vaccines and Why? {Part 1}

Contraceptive pill increases cervical cancer probability

High risk strains increase in vaccinated cases

Aluminium anyone?
Got to watch the Prof Devid Healey presentations about how medical trial data is massaged.

Pressure put upon unwanted study publications.

Dr. Downing disappears from screen…

Massaging medical figures

Melanie Shaw…

02 June release date past.

Brian being criticised on FakeBook… it is astounding that Melanie Shaw has been tried without jury, locked up without clear charges or term of incarceration, UKC support her best they can and still get criticised …


Published on 28 Jun 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Dr Graham Downing for today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Pitiful stuck state of Treason May
01:43 – UK Column article: Leveson Inquiry – press control by Common Purpose…?
Common Purpose – state control of the press by appointment
Matt Hancock fears the power of independent media…prefers government control
BBC embedding itself in training local journalists…
10:00 – Alternative View 9 DVDs available for pre-order
10:36 – BBC’s Emily Maitlis: spiteful ‘interview’ with Hungary’s Foreign Minister
The BBC eyes say it all – hatred for the nation state
12:06 – Migration: IOM & UNHCR appeal for EU action over tragedies
14:48 – France to bring back compulsory national service…?
‘Civic engagement’ = Big Society
16:42 – OPCW adopts Boris’ proposal for attributing blame (without evidence)
White helmets getting organised for a future ‘event’…?
19:06 – Vaccines: Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust responds to UK Column questions
Gardasil linked to deaths and disabilities after young girls vaccinated
Teen Vogue article for 8 year olds upwards: ‘how to’ on anal sex
Teen Vogue: who is Gigi Engle…?
Discussion of HPV virus and Gardasil treatment with Dr Graham Downing
Connections to infertility and increase of cervical cancer after vaccination…?
Vaccine research results are being reported selectively…even to doctors
40:38 – Rise in mortality in England & Wales in first seven weeks of 2018
42:09 – Melanie Shaw: child abuse whistleblower still encarcerated
Facebook: aggressive, confused, disruptive post on Melanie Shaw


Last show: UKC: Gender Neutral Protection

UKC: Gender Neutral Protection


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