UKC: Summer Solstice €U Withdrawal?

Treason May tells the nation of the Brexit withdrawal bill in accordance with the nation’s democratic wish. Really? Brexit is in disarray. Mean while the €U continues to manage its demise. Perhaps more significantly, Common Purpose is mentioned by Sir Brian Jarman on BBC R4 Today; I suggest a nemesis to the UK Column.

Edit: I have to say, the chat box comment ‘I need poles to keep my beans up’ made me smile, though you may have to be a UKC anorak to apprecaite the comment.

Pre show chat box

Russia is skeptical about UN commission’s ‘remote methods’ in E. Ghouta report – Lavrov
Global warming my erse..
Happy Solstice everyone
have we all got our durid hats on
usual tin foil for me sorry JW

Show time…
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chat box: almost 10k ukc’ers….

Gosport War Memorial Hospital
Sir Brian Jarman…. BBC R4 Today: whistle blowers still being black-listed
Super management group called Common Purpose

BBC R4 Today Sir Brian Jarman mentions Common Purpose at about 7.40am…

Common Purpose working group white washed malfunctions
In the US they did this when people mentioned Open Society Foundations but now everyone knows about Soros. This is a good start

Alex: Dutch hospitals try not to kill their patients!

Police cower from criminals. Burglaries are ignored. The Tories will pay for this betrayal

The charities commission should be looking into this….. CP is NOT operating as a charity

CP: Lead Beyond Authority!

Common Purpose Commonwealth training
DEFRA is being driven into a GCHQ type organisation. People I know there say they can’t believe what it has become
Emma Howard Boyd Chair of the Environment Agency and is the head of FUTURE CITIES CATAPULT
Lord Milner book 2nd war

Smooth and orderly Brexit! Oh, and I have a bridge to sell you….

Cruella De Vil (Original Song)

subversion 101

Jens Stoltenberg visits Treason May

Common Goal!

Saber Strike… Russia to retaliate with border exercises

chat box: I need poles to keep my beans up
yes bake beans in tins they are difficult to grow

Funny how the Beeb tolerate neo nazis in the former soviet states

Proposed Space Force Would Pull Expertise From All Service Branches


Let’s compare the land expansion of the EU and the Russian federation. I think it’s hundreds of thousands of miles to Zero!

Utter confusion with McCain US navy incident

Change agents and disruptors
Pacific fleet break downs

Britain signs Poland agreement,Poland-Britain-sign-security-treaty

Westphalia treaty:

Franco German pact: Gates of Vienna

Bavarian’s storming out of meetings
Dutch buying dodgy F35’s

China To Wolls Woyce


The One Belt One Noose Plan

The Hofschröer case…

Grandma B is happy and content and pigs fly…….

UK Column News – 21st June 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

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UKC: The Truth Is Malleable


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  1. Tapestry says:

    Love the green slime. Poland security agreement. Not WW3 start-up plan, I hope.

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