UKC: Stuff The People

Alex made the comment; an interpretation of general government policy: stuff the people. The story of Peter Hofschroer, Melanie Shaw and the imposition of incarceration from authorities that espouse democratic freedom. This mind set and mind games is perhaps exemplified by Rory Stewart apparently known as Florence of Arabia by his buddies.

Did Dennis Rodman contribute to the Korean peace talks? Last night a caller to BBC or LBC, can’t remember which, mentioned Rodman. I thought to myself, he’s been listening to alternative media such as 21st Century Sunday Wire. Later last night on BBC World Tonight with Ritual Blah, an invited talking head mentioned Rodman. It is not beyond the realms of possibility.


Pre show chat box…

Tsar to save UK trees: Councils will be told to stop needless felling and increase planting

Rodman in tears…

Everyone see the US got the next World cup? What a shock. Gives them something to talk about in Russia for the next few weeks

Show time…
FYI the chat box comments can sometimes be random and out of synch with the live show commentary, but generally on topic and providing a sense of live show experience… ultimately, I recommend you watch the show posted below… thanks to those in the chat box who contribute to the show and post useful links, especially ‘workhouse’.

Trump to stop war games… Independent says ridiculous!
War Mongers Not Impressed By Trump
Trump-Kim Summit: Donald Trump Press Conference

Alex recommends The Cleanest Race book… Korea:

Film on Korea

Read Ian Cobain’s History of Torture (the chapter on Oman) and Britain’s Secret Wars by T.J. Coles for confirmation re SF in Yemen

Joberg friends of Israel…

African Decolonization – Empire of Dust (Myth20c – Ep73)

Israel etc…

Cities Agenda

The global city revolution agenda…
Future Cities Catapult

chat box: John Glen? 1st man in space… oh, wrong Glenn!
Alex: Stuff The People!

False Flag management… managing the official version of events

Family Crisis
ZIONIST Jewish MP Lucy Frazer has introduced on-line divorces:

chat box: “Obey your MPs”, said American Ros Altmann (now a baroness) just before the Brexit referendum.

Be cautious! Get the child into care!

The Development Of The Hive Mind… behave and get on

Inquiry regarding Melanie
Why is she inside?
Rory Stewart aka Florence of Arabia asked specifically
When will she be released?
Name and frame the target: Florence…. unless you give credible answers…. we assume she is a political prisoner, govt hiding behind digital data act.

Silence Is Consent

Lord Justice lays out ‘unlawful’ policy…

Speech by The Right Hon. The Lord Burnett of Maldon: The Age of Reform

“… some over playing concern about video evidence etc…”

Slick salesman for cartel industry

Translator trial challenge

Melanie reports disappeared

second Beechwood victim Paul

Roy Griffin

Melanie Political Prisoner

West Mercia Police Commissioner John Campion said no need to investigate Telford

This is the fruit of years of work by Brian Gerrish & co.
Never heard Brian fulminate so much.

Protecting Vulnerable Children? Protecting Assets!

STAG… trees are being felled
Tree Champion?

chat box: Trump-Kim Summit: Donald Trump Press Conference

Country Life tree champ


Alternative View 9 – 14 Disc DVD Collection


Grandma B website:
The Abuse of Grandma B – How Corrupt Officials are plundering the Assets of the Elderly

Published on 13 Jun 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Running order to follow.

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