UKC: No: 10 Inflation Technique

Inflatable tanks. A blow and job headline was so tempting…

Pre show chat box…

Girls and boys should be given HPV jab at primary school, doctors say.
Hi one and all. Just ordered me Melanie Shaw post cards.
I wonder if they can come up with a vaccine to protect us from neoliberalism…

Show time…
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Yellow alert! The sun is shining: run hide tell!

Boris at summit

rapid response: attribute blame and manage single narrative

Theresa May turned up…
chat box: …. then she ate a child

Salisbury homes affected are being bought… street theatre

Federica €U Pesco…

PESCO, €U NATO, plus letter of intent for multinational alliance initiative

chat box: The Inflatable Tank Regiment will save us

BBC focused on Gavin Williamson’s comment, not the €U unification

Defence Committee renews spending demand for 3% of GDP

Inflatable tanks….

chat box: The USS Enterprise had an inflatable counterpart to confuse enemies in the cartoon series.
Well they do still use Cambridgeshire as a USAF aircraft carrier, so that gives us a lot of power iver the US.. lolol

Gary Streeter threatens a rebellion if not more money spent on defence

chat box: Perhaps they should consider inflatable F35’s for HMS Elizabeth

HBOS fraud


Child abuser Ian Knight attends palace awards, mean while in Plymout Charles Howeson in court…

The judge said….

2 Fresh Start venues cancelled

The Electoral Commission

Reproductive issues…
Survey reveals women experience severe reproductive health issues

chat box: Irish doctors are very clued-up on reproductive issues, having not been brainwashed by abortionism until just now.
Irish girls have suffered hugely from Gardasil inoculations, or perhaps it’s just greater publicity in Ireland than elsewhere.

Barry Trower on wi-fi affecting schools…

chat box: HPV to be given to ‘pre-pubescent’ children, in case they become sexually active.

chat box: The bilingual toolkit, known in Welsh as Wlch Ylch Argh Sexy Twlkit
Professor Blydi Odd Pyn Yn Chyn
chat box: Down in the Valleys, they have Sheep Relationship Education.

chat box: Emma Renold is a lesbian (So? But, there is crazy stuff being taught in our schools… I would suggest it is cultural Marxism)

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – OPCW Special Session: report on Douma chlorine ‘attack’
Rapid Response Mechanism: attribution of blame (without evidence)
Free independent media at risk for not toeing the line…
Skripal case: two homes to be bought with taxpayer’s money
04:36 – Brussels: Mogherini moving ahead with PESCO and ‘third countries’
Letter of intent signed: several countries involved including UK
HoC Defence Committee renews spending demand for 3% of GDP
British Army could deploy inflatable tanks to confuse enemies
Gary Streeter MP fighting for defence after denying there is a problem…
14:10 – Alternative View 9 DVDs available for pre-order
14:20 – Explosive report into Lloyd’s handling of HBOS Reading fraud case
19:19 – Daily Mail: child abuse story – many questions remain
21:04 – Charles Howeson jailed for sexual abuse: sentenced to 7.5 years
Howeson has close links to the Royal family
Detective Constable Entickap did good Police work on the case
Howeson’s offending covered up by the Royal Navy and Groundwork Trust
UK Column exposes sexual abuse at OCV College…Prince Andrew still visits
Abuse was covered up by three women – all Common Purpose ‘leaders’
All three women were rewarded by Buckingham Palace with medals…
Who nominated Jimmy Savile for his knighthood…?
Fresh Start Foundation events: two Aberdeen venues cancel at the last minute
28:34 – Electoral Commission: improvements needed to ensure transparency
30:54 – Public Health England: women experience severe reproductive health issues
36:39 – A viewer warns of the attack on young minds: Welsh legislation change
Who is Professor Emma Renolds…?
Economic and Social Research Council: transforming relationships and sex education
New ‘relationships and sexuality education’ – statutory for 5-16 year olds from 2022
Brainwashing young minds to a perverted agenda…taught to challenge normality
Calculated, applied psychological techniques being used on our children

Last show: UKC: Gavin’s Ultimatum

UKC: Gavin’s Ultimatum


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