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Plato. Nato. Caves… the €U as a peace project? Really?!

As I type David Silliband is on BBC R4 Today. He says Britain should be taking more ‘refugees’. Hey Dave, let’s bomb regime change into another foreign nation state and artificially some further immigration for further demand upon the UK social benefit and national health systems. Has this state nipple political charity NGO parasite ever done anything worthwhile in his life? Oh, he’s written a book and being interviewed at the Hay Book Festival. I cannot abide this bastard. He talks bolocks and his mind set kills people.

Another episode of relative sanity in a world of news madness: UKC News…

Pre show chat box…

Was it Lord Pearson who had a private discussion with the Lords regarding the state of our legal system?

Support from around the world for Tommy Robinson
UK leads the world again as “Biggest Seller of Dark Web Cocaine”
‘Historic Milestone’ as Arabic Reportedly Becomes Sweden’s Second Largest Tongue.

Show time…
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Hello from sunny Perth!

Eastern Europe.

The United States is demonstrating to NATO allies and the world its continued commitment to peace, security and stability in Europe.
Operation Barbarossa anybody? Tanks moved from Finland to Romania

chat box: who is giving the Poles 2 Billion?
The Corps moved tanks from secret caves in Norway to Finland. Here’s why.

Italy… why is the term popularism so demonised? Isn’t democracy a competition to be the most popular?

What the populists are proposing for Italy

Trump’s tariffs
The €U is a peace project!?
EU ‘not at war with anyone’ on trade: Mogherini
Justin Trudeau: Tariffs on toilet paper:

Deutsche Bank: David comment: I did it my way… the end is near!
Deutsche Bank in trouble, anyone looked here lately!
Deutsche Bank downgraded, CEO tries to reassure employees

Mark Carnage.. board of directors have no political influence; cough cough splutter splutter…
… they do not engage in any political activity!?!
.. apart from donations to Hillary and the Tories
No conflict of interest!?
chat box: I will replace the banks & all management with a good computer
all it has to do is + – x & divide
Treasury chooses only man on shortlist of five for Bank of England job

Secure Schools

This collection brings together key documentation related to the Secure Schools Programme.
Academy of Crime?
chat box: Secure prisons errr schools
State control in such an obscure way… where the deep state can grow.

chat box: The Pope is WANTED in connection to child abuse:
Well at least some one wants the pope

Liverpool Justice
User testing
chat box: more common purpose graduates chosen as magistrates then?
We need more juries, clarity, openness….. pigs might fly

N Ireland will be in the UK and €U
Best of both Worlds… Cameron speech:
The best of both worlds: the United Kingdom’s special status in a reformed European Union:

We now want a sensible Brexit!

chat box: Where world’s power brokers really meet
Another winter gathering has quietly become the venue for smart thinkers to get to grips with geopolitics…
More here:

Tommy Robinson
English Defence League
EDL founder Tommy Robinson jailed for contempt of court
Robinson sentenced to 13 months after admitting offence following Facebook broadcast
chat box: He was unlawfully arrested because the Breach of the Peace conditions were not met.
Technically…. he was in contempt of court – BUT he didn’t actually say anything that would influence the trial…. did he?

Sentence Out Of All Proportion For The Deed Done

The court means one judge, not a jury of peers
chat box: Breach of the Peace was learned off-pat by all new Police Officers in 1985. It was the first law you learned.
chat box: GT said Tommy is fine, Hull Prison does not have the problems that other prisons have.
Someone’s probably got a full-time job writing D-Notices for UK Gov at the moment.
David, Robinson shouted at the defendants entering the Court have you no guilt etc

Lord Denning once said, ‘I can not give you Justice, I can only give you the Law.’

chat box: I heard some interesting information about how Tommy Robinson is funded by Israel to stir up internal conflict between Muslims & the rest

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson pictured holding gun on Israeli tank near Syrian border
chat box: Hes a Zionist, used to work for Neocon Zionist owned Rebel media etc, Alex Jones loves him

Boys and girls sport races now banned in school in Scotland because it could disadvantage LGBT children, and this is at a primary school.

Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Running order to follow.

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UKC: International Corporatist Georgina


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