UKC: Kites, Bears & Balloons

UK Column mention the never ending immigration issue and the fear of Putin. There are references to kites, bears and balloons…

Last night on BBC R4 David Lammy MP called Sir Christopher Chope MP a dinosaur…
Are certain insults permissible and others hate crime? I have heard voices on the BBC call Trump an orangutan. What if I call Lammy a lion tailed macaque or even an orangutan too? I suspect I would be called an -ist practicing an -ism. Do we not already have law to protect against the invasion of personal sovereignty? Apparently not; we need yet another law specifically  for specific photo activity.
The childish, pathetic MP’s initiate an underwear protest?

On the same late evening BBC news programme I heard Floella Benjamin…

… bemoan the fact that English people stared at her when she came to the UK because she was a different colour. Isn’t that normal? When I was a boy, had a different looking person, black, brown, sky blue with pink spots, walked down the village high street, I would have stared too. It’s called natural curiosity.
Floella brought up slavery. I have never enslaved anyone. Exactly who was involved in the slave trade? Was it purely white English slave traders and masters? Whatever you do, don’t ask if there were any Jewish slave traders.
Cultural Marxism is all about us. I ask how we were, who we were before the Abrahamic belief system invaded these isles? Having tolerated Christians, Jews and atheists all my life, now I face a further invasion from the Islamic mind set, as well as the onslaught of gender and identity political ideology.

As I type, I listen to Nick Clugg decry populists. What is the difference between democratic majority and popular majority? Clugg describes himself as liberal, humane and generous. Am I inhumane, selfish, greedy, mean and stingy Nick?

The NHS. How about we eat some nutritious food and drink clean water? I now hear games addiction is a formally recognised medical condition. What nonsense. This is cultural Marxism.

Fractal Metaphorical States: 10 minutes or so of Thomas the Sheridan…

Josephine Ponders Inequality & Privilege

Josephine Ponders Inequality & Privilege

Cultural Marxism alive & well in Canada:

Pre show chat box

BREAKING – on the BBC – Volgograd people are FRIENDLY – shock-horror expose!!

Hundreds killed and thousands flee as Saudi-led forces bomb Yemeni port to ‘liberate’ it

Graham Phillips has done a great video showing the somewhat less scary reality of the World Cup.

Show time…
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Marrakesh Political Declaration
Trafficking? Modern slavery?

Brain drain of Africa while China invests there…

US. Mexican families are split up at border crossing….
Laura Bush says policy is cruel…

The immigration issue is not a Trump invention… Obomba policy too.
chat box: Soros written all over it. Emotional argument hides the evil of it

People trying to prevent Trump meeting Putin


Obomba’s silky lies… €U data protection law prevents us seeing htis?

Obomba knew about Hillary’s e-mail

Viral rumour about split in German government; a Twitter gag… did you hear Mexico 1 Germany 0?


Alternative View 9 – 14 Disc DVD Collection

Frome Stop War

chat box: Tommy Robinson rally in Belfast: Mel Shaw mentioned by one of the speakers

€U extends sanctions on Russia… based on ‘illegal’ annexation of Crimea

Nuland? Exxon? Jo Biden’s son?

Putin’s secret nukes by The Guardian
Fake news?

Fancy Bear Cosy Bear

Bears hacked Hillary’s e-mails

Question to Kim Dotcom: Tell us the truth about Seth Rich

Eliot Higgins gave up his lucrative career as a payments officer at a women’s underwear company to create Bellingcat
Bellingcat… suck my balls? Nice…
Cosy Bear joins MeToo…

Kites and balloons

Arms to Israel

Russian dog genocide… made in Pakistan?
UK 795% GDP debt
Deutsche Bank the trigger?
Mike: There’s not enough stuff in the world to cover the obligations

€U withdrawal bill soon… the fraud continues

Private pensions to fund liabilities
Esther McVey who used to do GMTV

You Say Pension! I Say Tax!

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Running order to follow.

Last show: UKC: Attention Dr. Alan Billings!

UKC: Attention Dr. Alan Billings!


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