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Oh yes, Matt Handycock aka Hatt Mangina wants gender diversity in AI. Why? What the hell has pussy or penis to do with AI?

Misc observations… Stephen the €U is tattooed upon my inner thigh Kinnock continues to push remaining within the ghastly €U. What a pillock. Compare this twit to the conversation at 21st Century Sunday Wire as Gilad Atzmon discusses Patrick Little…

Episode #236 – ‘Parts Unknown’ with guests Gilad Atzmon and Robert Inlakesh

Policy Discussions

Pre show chat box…

The Secret History of Israel’s State-Sponsored Assassinations.
Ken Clarke remains a fatty at large:

Show time…
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G8 G7 G6… Trump ruffles feathers and baffles leaders….
The 3 M’s: Macron, Merkel and May.

Rapid Response Mechanism?
Coordinated narrative and response…
Transform OPCW, coordinated attribution of hostilities, streamline the common narrative
… decisions such as chemical weapon analysis based upon YouTube video

… amazing grace? Amazing hair!

Trump and Italy make friends
Trump’s Tariffs have unsettled the apple cart
Macron laughed before – They Are Not Laughing Now!

Murdoch: US cannot be trusted?!

Trump friendly environment in Singapore

Cooperation, development at SCO…

West lacks the military strength…. Trump looking to Belt and Road deals..
What is China’s belt and road initiative?

The Russian collusion rolls on…. MI5, the police must act!

chat box: Check this for the media Russia Trump nonsense….

James Wolfe lying? Russiagate theory cracking?

Important Assad interview
‘controversial group’: White Helmets!? The rhetoric is changing.

Nike will not sponsor Iranian football kit
chat box: Didn’t NIKE provide ISIS’s trainers (shoes) ? Lol

NATO Stoltenberg goes to Italy

Matt Handycock the Remainer MP from the all 7 Brexit regions of the West Suffolk constituency…

COGX 2018

“We need Gender diversity in AI…” ?!?
Mat filters out hate speech… this twit fronts the UK AI programme… Lord help us.

The Handycock App!

Handycock’s Digital Joy
Unified narrative . Google’s apps?

Cook on the Semolina issue

Withdrawal bill

David Lidington wants Brexit backstop 2022

Published on 11 Jun 2018

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – G7 summit: Rapid Response Mechanism to attribute blame
To create a common narrative and response to world events…
US President Trump leaves G7 early: Russia should be brought back to G8
13:41 – Murdoch response: The US is no longer a country we can trust
15:32 – Trump moves on to Singapore: on a mission of peace
18:15 – Meanwhile the FCO meeting takes place in China: all about cooperation
22:51 – War rhetoric continues: Brexit – new secret Putin connection…
US Russiagate has been running for two years…still no evidence
US Ex-Senate aide James Wolfe accused of lying to further Russiagate investigation
28:04 – Treason May: a ‘colonialist liar’ according to Syrian President Assad
White helmets now labelled a ‘controversial group’ in MainStream Media
29:38 – Iran sanctions: Nike will not outfit the Iranian World Cup team
Sport now becoming a political machine instead of remaining neutral
31:10 – NATO in Italy: Stoltenberg heads over to ‘project stability’
An easy trip: Stoltenberg already in Italy for Bilderberg meeting…
33:52 – Alternative View 9 DVD set now available
34:12 – CogX 2018 is live: Artificial Intelligence – gender diversity essential
More merging of French and British institutions…without Parliamentary oversight
36:36 – Telegraph: Force social media firms to protect children
Is protecting children a ruse to filter out information…?
39:01 – How the Guardian aided the anti-semites…is telling the truth anti-semitic…?
40:52 – Brexit: time to roll back the amendments and adopt original Withdrawal Bill
David Lidington’s hope: that the ‘backstop’ deal would be over by 2022…
House of Lords still under attack: a free HoL or a corporate-controlled chamber…?


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UKC: G8. G7. Gee, Then There Were 6!


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  1. NPP says:

    Just watched Arron Banks before a parliamentary committee on about Leave.EU’s referendum campaign.

    As Arron Banks pointed out, everyone of the committee was a Remainer.
    He also asked why George Osborne, working for a Russian oligarch at The Evening Standard, is not being questioned about Russian collusion.

    Arron Banks was calm and crystal clear. The establishment and the willing fools believing the €U scam will not accept the democratic result just as the BBC & co cannot abide Trump having a successful meeting in Singapore.

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