UKC: Gavin’s Ultimatum

Gavin paper boy Williamson, the UK Defence Prefect. The UKC guys suggest €U super rep Federica Mogherini is looking a tad tired. So, I suggest Gavin offers some of his Noviagra to pep her up… apparently he’s been issuing ultimatums to Treason May this week about the defence budget.

Pre show chat box…

Hello all at the coal face of truth
Hello everyone. Phew! What a scorcher!!
EU to Formally Move on Creation of European Intervention Force, UK Included
Ladies & gentlemen, a tosser:

Show time…
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Gavin paper boy Williamson threatens rebellion if he does not get £20billion… or else! Oh Gavin, you twit….

Luxembourg Foreign Affairs Council Conference

chat box: I’ve always felt she looks like McCartney’s second wide. But with more legs…. oh, cutting comment, but freedom of speech!
EU to Formally Move on Creation of European Intervention Force, UK Included
€U military Unification

Federica looks tired…


Mike: Trump does not want to get involved against Russia in Syria…
Alastic Blurt… wants Syria to do as told

Mid East Christians see Russia as protectors, not US…

Rev Andrew Ashdown at Stop War Frome (UKC streamed his talk from the weekend… brilliant testimony; would rock the BBC and Channel 4 to their bones.

Atlantic Council 8 year old Bana al-Abed gets award!

Somewhere in an alternative reality universe, eight year old Bana, a child ‘Human rights activist’ linked to the western branch of the Syrian #alQaeda, the #WhiteHelmets, appears along Mrs Albright, the ‘it was worth it to kill 500000 Iraqi chidlren’ lady, as a freedom awardee.

If you cannot see what utter tripe this whole Bana business is, I can’t help you.

Is this a form of child abuse? Side by side next to Madeline Albright… this it?

Check Al Jazeera article. Unusally impressive.

Austria gearing up for Trump-Putin meeting… 15 July?

chat box: President Trump warned against those who protest loudly having something to hide. Bourdain’s girlfriend called out certain names.

Prince William goes to Israel…

Russia more friendly than UK media like us to believe

chat box: One commentator was shocked that a Russian had a Liverpool FC tattoo. But Russia and England have very close historic maritime ties.

David Lidington talks up out sourcing…

Anti-Brexit protest

I just got it ! Harry Kane = Hurricane. Well it is Monday.

Legal marijuana?

Personal note: if marijuana was grown and consumed sensibly throughout the UK, salads etc., the cost of the NHS would be slashed.

Published on 25 Jun 2018
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Gavin Williamson: give me £20 billion…or else
Ronald Reagan: never negotiate with terrorists…
EU: to effectively address rising threats…a military schengen
UK Column articles: EU military unification
Federica Mogherini looking drained and stressed
09:06 – Syria: a ‘ridiculous anti-Syria report’ by @crisisgroup
Syrian government continues to retake territory from terrorists
De-escalation areas are being used to protect terrorists
14:50 – Mideast Christians see Russia – not the US – as defender of their faith
16:51 – Frome Stop War event: Reverend Andrew Ashdown presentation update
17:25 – Atlantic Council: 2018 freedom award ‘winners’
Child ‘activist’ being used as propaganda outlet
22:35 – Al Jazeera real news: an unworthy war…? US/UK reporting on Yemen
24:08 – Austria gearing up for Putin-Trump meeting in Vienna on July 15
26:56 – Maxine Waters: God is booing Trump…
28:15 – Alternative View 9 DVDs available for pre-order
28:35 – Prince William begins historic tour of Middle East including Israel
30:35 – Russian Embassy & Sky News: World Cup is peaceful
33:28 – David Lidington speaks today at think tank on outsourcing:
Pushing privatisation agenda and attack on Freedom of Information
36:20 – Brexit: pro-Corbyn group to launch drive for public vote on Brexit deal
‘More than 50’ Tory MPs prepared to defy Treason May to stop no-deal Brexit
40:10 – Big Pharma to lose $18.5 billion if all US states legalise marijuana
21st Century Wire article: George Soros and the GMO cannabis revolution
Russia says Canada’s weed legalisation undermines International Law


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