UKC: BBC Crapism

It is astounding. Some bloke called Martin Stiff, yes, it is mind boggling toilet talk innuendo from the get go, refers to a new BBC radio drama about civil war that he says will ‘shit you up’….

Our UK armed forces are under funded, the Brexit sabotage continues, Mike warns off the dismantling of the House of Lords, we are to be charged for including links to websites and online material, the €U, UK and power brokers in the US do not want Trump meeting Putin while Matt Handycock talks about 5G with glee. Noel Edmonds and Anothony Stansfeld give us hope and encouragement.

Now, what’s my MP doing on Twitter? Oh, still blocked….

Pre show chat box

Treesonous 5G Culling Our Trees:

Treesonous 5G Culling Our Trees

Winter death toll highest for FIVE YEARS. 153,717 deaths in England between January and March

Show time…
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€U vs Trump
Trump seeks more money from other members toward NATO
Trump insists upon Putin summit

Turkey F35
The F35 is a comedy that keeps on giving

Greater threat? Reduce military capability. Excuse is lack of cash…

Outgunned by Russia?
Smoke screen… aircraft carriers without aircraft. We need €U collaboration you see!

Not result of no money. Result of chaos.

… this cannot be true

Huge gap in UK defence forces. UK military has been sacrificed for €U ı-unificiaiton

NHS… privatisation being implemented

…. timeline into investigation into deaths at Gosport War Memorial

Bishop James Jones gets a gong…
chat box: It’s no secret that most legal drugs are dangerous. I think the scandal is that the NHS will only prescribe dangerous drugs for pain.

Just listen! Do nothing.
chat box: Breaking news: Home office rejects Hague’s call to legalise cannabis for recreational use.
Killed or murdered?
> 80 = can be signed off as died of old age

Breakdown of NHS to push for US style health system.

Brexit. Leave becoming problematic.

Under veneer of Brexit UK constitution being broken down

Barnier: no magic wand

AV9 DVD’s for sale

Save Your internet

chat box: e-mail all your MEPs before the end of today – the EU Parliament is debating this tomorrow and Thursday

Chinese state TV CGTN to set up European hub in London

Another dangerous BBC production

Martin Jameson
BBC twits…

It’ll Shit You Up!
BBC agenda: ramp up civil unrest

Theresa’s social vision… fusion doctrine: communitarianism

Crapism…. communitarianism

Matt Handycock


Melanie Shaw is mentioned….

Noel Edmonds on fraud and corruption in banks

Government urged to force action & end ‘the great insolvency scam’ 

Anthony Stansfeild standing up to be counted

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Running order to follow.

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