Rebuilding Iraq around the corpses. Mr Blair’s handiwork exposed.

No British, French, American and Israeli can be proud of their country.  People who express national pride are simply ignorant of what their country is.  Watch what Iraqis are living with, day to day.  One can only imagine.  In the UK we were conned into starting all tis by Blair’s and Campbell’s lies, by Murdoch’s complicity by David Kelly’s murder.  At the time I was naive enough to think I had no choice but to trust Blair as he was Prime Minister of my country.  I regret that trust.  Never again will I allow my silence to be so easily bought.  I am deeply ashamed to be British.  How others can still be proud of who we are, I can’t begin to imagine.  Yet friends continually put out messages of Royal devotion as if they haven’t taken in anything from the last fifteen years.  I drop hints in the comments on their social media output, but they still think Britain to be a great country.  We stopped being that a very long time ago.

If you are in any doubt, read Pawns in The Game by William Guy Carr.  He was writing in 1958 and he already knew what had been going on for centuries, with a hidden cabal controlling events, committing us to fight wars, foment revolutions and carry out assassinations.  Ignorance is no excuse.  It’s easy to find out the truth now.  In 1997-2003 the internet was only in its infancy.  Now it’s out there.  Go find it.

I told a neighbour I never believe anything on the main media any more.  The shock has not assisted with the relationship, but it’s the truth.  You can always find alternative reports in the alternative media.  These are usually better researched and more convincing versions of events.  But most unfortunately love their big screen TVs, and buy into the theatre provided by the mainstream, propaganda and all.


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