Pushing “separation of families” off on Trump was an act of desperation

Bill Clinton started it. Bush 2 got it going worse. And Obama sent it to the stratosphere. In reality, despite still being bad, Trump’s treatment of illegals has been better than that of any recent presidency. So why are they trying to push the blame off on Trump? The answer may be in a poll I have never heard of before, called the 538 poll. As it turns out this poll which politicians use, has Trump at 56 percent support from EVEN LATINOS. Scamming dems had to do something to save their butts, so they tried to push the crimes of past Democrats off on Trump. See this

By the way, if you go back through the date lines, This web site is the one that started this sh*t storm by being the first to give major exposure to Senator Merkeley’s video of a Jade Helm Wal Mart, where these kids are being held. It all snowballed from there. I did not expect the MSM to ignore the facts and say Trump was the first to separate families, since it has been going on for 20 years, but I underestimated just how far the MSM would take a lie. This site was also the first to say the family separation policy was an absolute prime way to feed children into a trafficking system.

Well, if it gets the system to treat people a little better, that’s good, but I am going to be a bit upset if Trump takes the rap for this, when in reality all he did was make the situation better than it was.

And I am among those who believe it is the parent’s fault for trying to take kids illegally across the border. The problem is, there are Podestas out there that will use these kids, and the current system was too vulnerable to exploitation. If America was not in the grips of tyranny, temporary child separation to more efficiently deal with parents might work. But with criminals running the system, it just can’t be that way.

With the current situation of rampant child predation in the Federal government, the right thing to do is simply eat the expense and hold families without separating them, so parents can protect their kids (who had nothing to do with any decision to bust a border, and should therefore not be put at risk of a fatal *ss reaming or an organ harvest.)



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