Postcards: Crucible Phook. 5G In Sheffield.

The UK Column are offering for sale postcards to promote awareness of the policy to roll out 5G nationwide:

Crucible Phook Postcard

The phooking bird story began with Henry Phook the Knettishall phooking bird:


Crucible Phook the Sheffield phooking bird is challenging the same tree culling policy as Henry. Henry is battling the Suffolk Wildlife MisTrust’s policy to cut down trees to create heathland at the order of international unelected bodies such CBD, the Convention on Bio-Diversity, while Crucible is battling 5G. Both cases involve the cutting down of our trees.



5G – The Existential Threat & The Opportunity!
Mark Steele

UK Column are initiating a campaign asking people to buy postcards to send MP’s, Councillors, the mainstream media… anyone appropriate with a suitable message on the back.

“Please be aware of 5G and the implications of such a government policy on all our health and well being.”

They are selling them in packs of 5, 10, 25 and 50 in the shop now:

UK Column Shop


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