Nottinghamshire is fast asleep about severe environmental risks. Lancashire must be aware of legal risks.

Ian updates his listeners on current court battles.  The thin red line of anti-fracking activists is up against corporate lawyers and funding.  It’s an unequal battle.  Judge Telling in Manchester Civil Courts has put in place an interim injunction pending a hearing in mid-July.  The problem was the publication of intended actions by activists.  Ian Crane argued that the principle of proportionality should be applied.  At every turn of the democratic process, the people of Lancashire (and Britain) reject fracking, yet still the government pushes fracking through, using central government power to further the corporate agenda.  The decisions of the County Council in Lancashire was overridden.

The people will set up resistance when their views are overridden by government.  Ian tried to argue that the opposition to date has been proportionate.  Only 150 hours of operational activity had been lost due to activism according to Cuadrilla’s paperwork.

However the reason the injunction was being sought was the presence of Reclaim The Power and United Resistance.  These have published on social media days of intended activity in the months ahead. This was the basis on which the injunction was granted.  These organisations state that they always publish intended action on social media.  But this gifts the establishment, Cuadrilla in this case, an injunction.  In July Ian and the anti-fracking community will argue that peaceful protest and proportionality are being met as defined under Arts 10 and 11 of the European Human Rights Convention.

The attempt to create protest pens was successfully challenged.  Joe Corre and Joe Boyd are also appealing against the UKOG injunction, as there are issues there.  The propensity to seek injunctions in the courts by the industry against peaceful protest could well lift the anti-fracking campaign from what it currently is, into a civil rights campaign.  This is introducing the TTIP into Britain via the back door, where the corporations can establish supra-Parliamentary legislation through the courts, making democracy meaningless.

Protest may result in nuisance and disruption, according to the Human Rights Act, but it must be proportional.  Crane’s argument is that the industry wants to outlaw all opposition, putting all people in protest pens where their protests will have no effect.

This attempt by central government to push the corporate agenda, overriding democracy, should be noticeable to UKIP’s new leader, Gerard Batten,  who is interested in civil rights in Britain.  He can’t be only interested in the protection of democracy from the threat of the EU, when TTIP is an even bigger and more urgent threat.  Batten should swing his party against the agendas of the Conservatives to override democracy.

Sadly the people of North Nottinghamshire are not aware of the environmental dangers they are in, and are not awake.

See Fracking Nightmare on Thursday night.   Youtube.

People also need to be aware of the injunction at PNR, Lancashire.

Details – The area from Peel Hill (NW of B&Q roundabout) to 250 metres south of Bell Mouth is injuncted.  Actions of contracted suppliers to Cuadrilla are protected but only in that Cuadrilla must be protected from loss.  Anyone considering actions must be aware of the legal risks they might be running.


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  1. NPP says:

    Batten would not be out of place at one of Ian R. Crane’s AV events. Indeed, UKIP are the one party who take on board AV ideas. Ian could ask him…

    Let’s push Batten. I thought UKIP were finished, not that I want political parties, but we must deal with the reality and UKIP under a Batten leadership could be potentially more interesting than Farage.

    • Tapestry says:

      The main media will ridicule any mainstream politician who shows interest in alternative media. It is best to assume the least from any political party, but we still have to look for any possible way to go. All parties are penetrated, and controlled. I liked the way Batten exposed the statements of Alexandr Litvinenko in the European Parliament. See Youtube. That took courage.

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