Milestone: 72 percent of Americans believe MSM is fake news

Usually when these types of polls are run, you get into whatever article reports them and find out it is “72 percent of pygmie Americans who have the hiccups” think the media is rigged. That’s not what it is this time. This time, ALL GROUPS SURVEYED have a majority in them that believe the media is rigged, not a single one predominantly believed the media was honest. Even a majority Democrats, socialists and communists believe the media is rigged.

I have wondered why Fox News stopped lying a short while ago and started to sound like alt media. I think I have an answer: They probably know Trump is going to succeed in smashing the traitor establishment, and want at least a short history of legitimacy before the axe falls. Fox was always better than CNN, but when CNN is a complete fabrication, “better” equals partial fabrication, and according to U.S. law outside the NDAA, partial fabrications are not allowed.

Americans may scorn Iran for going after the media when it lies, but they don’t realize that the media is obligated to tell the truth even in the U.S., and when the U.S. government is operating correctly, absent an infestation of traitors, American media is supposed to be held accountable for what they say by the government. When accuracy is in question, it gets put in an opinion column. Press freedom rules allow errors that way. However, if you intentionally lie, and it is proven you intentionally lied, America normally has rules against the media doing that.

Here is how the American media used to lie, and keep it “legitimate”:

A shell organization would be formed. That shell organization would make a statement. It would have an official sounding name. Then the media would say “blah blah organization” has done a study where they have concluded X is true. People would accept it as true, even if it was an intentional lie, made by an organization that was not the press. Story told, organization vanishes if needed, new news cycle.

Cnn stopped doing that and started fabricating everything wholesale. Fox News realizes the days of getting away with that are over, most likely because they have a greater percentage of people who can see the light. And they are now hoping to avoid problems, now that Trump is obviously winning, punch after punch. Fox was never really pro-Trump, they were simply the least anti-Trump. They, of all the MSM, would have the easiest time putting things right.

I won’t be super happy if Fox News lives, but I’ll be doing the snoopy dance if CNN bites the dust. Telling the truth at this point won’t cut it for that rag.


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