Massive censorship to happen in Europe

I have been watching what is going on in Europe to allow the governments there to get control of the media, and rid themselves of the “nuisance” caused by ordinary people simply wanting the truth. It is a menace, that may surpass when Yahoo killed approximately 40 percent of the internet by destroying Geocities. When Geocities was destroyed, scientific information and real history was expunged from the web, almost entirely. Wikipeida and Yahoo answers are absolute trash by comparison, and now everything scientific is behind a pay wall. Europe is heading that way now, with EVERYTHING.

I have seen many comments about how “not repealing net neutrality” could have stopped this. That’s bogus, because net neutrality was for America only, it had nothing to do with what Europe does. The repeal of net neutrality has nothing to do with what is going on anywhere else in the world.

Here is basically it, in a nut shell: You cannot run a site like Drudge Report, where you link to other sites, because there will be charges applied to linking. This also applies to any site that has more than just links, any links will be made illegal, unless you can handle the paperwork and pay fees for making links. You also cannot run a forum or any site with a comment section, because people often copy and paste copyrighted material into them, or link to other sites from them, and you have only an hour to remove it OR ELSE. That’s impossible. It cannot be complied with. And it would destroy the venue, even if you could.

This web site could probably be made compliant because I usually explain things well enough in my own words to avoid the need for linking, however, they’d hate it so much they would shut it down anyway, because it is so damn obvious the real reason for the new EU rules is to simply shut people up and get all information under state control that there’s little question they’d wipe out sites like this one with a reason stated somewhere in the fine print.

There’s no mention at all about how Google is going to be allowed to link, but I solemnly promise, with all my heart, that Google won’t be punished for breaking the rules EVER, if they are the type of company that would label Republicans “Nazi”, like it did yesterday. OOPS, we’re sorry for that little gaffe . . . . NOT!!!

Facebook “should” also be impossible to run, but will survive just fine because people who who have had 5 abortions, bang donkeys in the butt and preach the virtues of cutting your nuts off so you can be a girl will be SO LOVED by the establishment there won’t be repercussions for those types, no matter how many links they post, especially if they despise Western civilization, and want all white males killed. Anything will be overlooked for those types, BET ON IT.Facebook is not targeting conservatives for nothing, I rightfully hate Suckerberg but let’s be serious here: If the real goal of the state is to simply crush conservatives and nationalism, and you’re going to be destroyed if you don’t comply and do the state’s bidding, how would you NOT delete all the conservative or nationalist accounts? You would HAVE TO or you’d go the way of the dodo.

Aah yes, Europe – the litmus test. At least there will be the rest of the world (for now). I am going to be watching what actually happens there with great interest.



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