Jean-Francois Gariépy & Mark Collett

Talking about ‘alt-right dramas’; they laugh about it. The cases of Lauren Rose and Patrick Little; you probably need to be an internet alt-right anorak to know what this might be about or just fascinated by what’s going on as I am.
I’d say interesting chat about people making their voices heard in within an increasingly censored media environment.

Jean-Francois Gariépy
Speaking with Mark Collett | TPS #48

Mark Collett is apparently ex-BNP… aaahhhh! They were hardly my cup of tea. But, let one and all have their say and Mark seems an engaging chap here.

JF hosts engaging conversations, even if he does seem to deem Richard Dicky Dorkins a hero. It’s worth a hello at Tap.

JFG Livestream


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