It’s the blue pill that causes insanity, not the red pill.

I also tripped across something else interesting in these genealogies.

In Ann Stanley Dunham’s genealogy (TAP – Obama’s mother), I found a Clemmens.

Eliza Clemmens married John Stroup in around 1840 in the midwest. No parents are given for her, but this may link her to Mark Twain.

So what have we learned?

We have learned to stay far away from all these people, and to assume all their projects are part of Operation Chaos. They are being paid to mess you up, so that you spend more money. I was recently asked by a reader how I stay sane. I told him he was asking the wrong question. The question is how all the people who don’t know the truth stay sane. The answer is, they don’t. It is being caught in the Matrix that drives you insane. It is the blue pill that causes insanity, not the red pill. The truth can be painful, and sometimes be temporarily disorienting. But it is the lies that cause permanent disorientation, and eventual insanity. The truth, however painful, is clarifying.


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