Is Slick Willy Losing His Grip?

Have Bill Clinton’s days as a media darling finally come to an end? It seems so!

Comment from Mark Anderson’s American Free Press…


Making the rounds on Sunday’s talking-head politics TV shows to plug his new book project, an offering of political fiction co-authored with best-selling novelist James Patterson, former President Bill Clinton was asked point-blank by MSNBC’s Craig Melvin about his personal political non-fiction. You could almost “cut the ‘dead air’ with a knife,” when the liberal black reporter asked the 42nd president to account for the fact that he was an active sexual predator while in the Oval Office.

“Old news!” right? I mean, after all, AFP was writing about this stuff back in the 1990s while it was happening. TBR re-dished the dirt ten years ago in its July / August 2008 issue detailing the history of presidential sex affairs from Bill Clinton all the way back to Woodrow Wilson. (Paper copies of that issue, which also has a great piece on Martin Luther, have long sold out but you can order an electronic PDF copy by clicking here……. )

When Craig Melvin said, “Monica Lewinsky,” you could see President Clinton’s blood vessels popping in his forehead. Why was the man who had “dodged the bullets” on half-a-dozen rape charges throughout his political career so flustered by being asked about a “consensual” relationship that happened over 20 years ago?


Perhaps the former president was not shocked so much by the question itself as by who was asking it.

Maybe he was more shocked by where the question was being asked.

After all, the sexual escapades of Governor Clinton, then President Clinton, then retired President Clinton had been thoroughly detailed in any number of “conservative” sources like Gary Byrne’s hard-hitting Crisis of Character or Roger Stone’s updated The Clintons’ War on Women (both of which are available at the AFP online store).

But you never heard mention of the same from liberal outlets.

It’s not that these subjects have never been discussed by the mainstream networks. They have. But until now, the networks have approached these subjects from the perspective of downplaying the accusations, if not outright discrediting the victims. And always, the networks have helped the Clintons, and the Democratic Party, to do damage control.

So on Sunday, the former president was sitting for what he thought was going to be a light and easy interview about his recent collaborative work of political fiction. He most likely thought that the only “hard” question he would have to answer would be one where he would criticize President Trump. Instead, he was asked about his own sexual misconduct. And he was asked the uncomfortable questions by a fellow liberal on NBC.

Have Bill and Hillary Clinton fallen out of favor?

Maybe. Because on Monday, in what has been another mainstream media first, NBC’s Megyn Kelly, along with two black female commentators, “piled on” by admitting that Hillary Clinton was Bill’s fixer. According to Kelly, while Hillary Clinton could not be blamed for her husband’s criminal behavior, she was the one who orchestrated the smear campaigns against Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, and her husband’s other victims. Then, Ms. Kelley had the gall to say that “some of us were on this story back in the 1990s.”

No, you weren’t, Megyn! You and the rest of the mainstream media covered for Hillary and NEVER mentioned this ONCE during her recent presidential campaign. Only the reporters of American Free Press (then working for The Spotlight) and a few other independent outlets were on this story back in the 1990s. Their daring and truthful reporting, carried on today via American Free Press and The Barnes Review, actually spurred then-President Bill Clinton to say that The Spotlight, “that lying newspaper,” ought to be put out of business, mentioning the paper by name in a speech on Capitol Hill.

If you want to find out all the details the mainstream media IS STILL LEAVING OUT, including the names, dates, times and places, documenting Bill Clinton as an un-convicted “sex offender” and Hillary’s role as his “fixer,” order Victor Thorn’s  Hillary (and Bill): The Sex Volume, published by AFP as the first installation in his three-volume Clinton Trilogy.

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  1. Tom74 says:

    It also suggests Bill is out of money. To have felt the need to collaborate with the godawful James Patterson hints at desperation. Are there costly lawsuits going on behind the scenes?

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